Apex Legends Season 9: Fans request Respawn developers to rework Fuse's ultimate before the new season

Image via Respawn Entertainment
Image via Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends Season 9 is being released on May 4, 2021, and fans are expecting the publishers to make several new changes in the battle royale game, which includes changes to the agent Fuse.

A brand new agent named Fuse was introduced in season 8 of Apex Legends. The latest legend in the game became immensely popular initially, only to face criticism from fans and players later.

Season 9 of Apex Legends is just around the corner, but a few of the old Legends still need a lot of attention and changes, and Fuse is one of them.

Horizon is perhaps the best Legend in Apex Legends right now, but a lot of the new post-launch Legends have typically underperformed to start with before some buffs were later added to improve them.

Still, a lot of Legends are not well balanced and less competitive, and if developers don't work on buffs, they will remain further behind when new characters arrive.

The latest data from Respawn entertainment suggests that Rampart has the worst overall win rate. Unfortunately, Fuse has slipped down into Rampart territory. With the second-worst overall win rate, Fuse clearly isn’t living up to the hype.

Fans request Respawn developers to rework Fuse's ultimate before the new season in Apex Legends arrive

Recently, a Reddit user “u/KENNET_” posted a video, and the title of the video was “The most useless ultimate in Apex Legends,” and he was referring to Fuse in the video.

In the video, he showed how to avoid Fuse’s ultimate without taking any damage. He also stated that with the arrival of the new Legend Valkyrie, it will be quite easy. He was basically mocking how bad the ultimate of Fuse is and why developers should work on improving it.

Another user named “Rubber_Ducky122” posted recently in EA Answers HQ, and the user talked about Fuse and his ultimate.

The user had this to say:

“Fuse's tactical desperately needs a buff, it's almost worse than Loba's tactical at this point. For one thing, it does hardly any damage, probably because it looks like a bunch of pathetic fireworks. For another thing, every time you use it you have to peak without being able to shoot back. There have been times when I use the thing and end up doing 10 damage, only to be done 100 or so damage in return as I peaked over a corner. I end up taking way more damage than I do with it."

He then added to it by stating this:

"His tactical would be so much more balanced and effective if it was like Octane's, so he'd be able to use his tactical while shooting and reloading. Otherwise, his tactical is kind of useless Since it does barely any damage, and you have to peak without shooting every time you use it. “
Image via EA Answers HQ
Image via EA Answers HQ

Developer JayBiebs’ interaction with fans on Reddit revealed some interesting information. The developer said that Fuse might receive a buff in season 9 of Apex Legends, which will significantly amplify the ultimate ability.

The Apex Legends devs are definitely working on making Fuse a better Legend.

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