Apex Legends Season 9 leaks: Solo queuing, major bug fixes, Titanfall lore, and more

Image via Electronic Arts
Image via Electronic Arts
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Apex Legends Season 9 is being released on May 4, 2021, and fans expect the publishers to make several new changes in the battle royale game.

Season 8 introduced fans to a brand new agent called Fuse. The latest legend in the game became immensely popular initially, only to face criticism from fans and players later.

Simultaneously, numerous bugs and in-game queuing issues popped up during Season 8, which the publishers will fix in the upcoming Season.

That being said, Valkyrie will be the new legend for Apex Legends Season 9. She is related to Viper from Titanfall II.

With all these leaks and official announcements in mind, this article will discuss solo queuing issues, upcoming bug fixes, and leaked Titanfall lore coming up in Apex Legends Season 9.

Apex Legends Season 9 leaks: Solo queuing major bug fixes, new Legends, and Titanfall lore

Apex Legends Season 9 is being released on May 4, and Respawn Entertainment recently revealed a new Legend named Valkyrie. Erika Ishhi is the voice actress for Valkyrie and also the voice behind Ana Bray from Destiny 2.

She is one of many Titanfall-related characters set to make an appearance at Apex to solidify the connection between the series even further.

Ashley Reed, Apex’s senior, previously said that

“Titanfall’s very much a part of the universe.”

Respawn Entertainment might also drop another Legend in Apex Legends Season 9. Apex Legends Data miner Tobias "Biast12" Poulsen has leaked some data regarding Apex Legends season 9, and it suggests that a Legend titled “Pariah” may join the game.

Pariah’s ability includes “Aplomb Training,” which is a passive ability that helps the legend see the enemy’s health bar and, paired with “Sonar Grenade,” gives the exact location of the enemy for 15 seconds.

The ultimate ability, “Sacrificial Romantic,” prevents them from moving and releases clouds of steam that damage and burn enemies inside them.

The leak also suggested four of Pariah’s Legendary skins ‘Secret Service,’ “Lost Archive,” Phantom Edge,” and “Chimera Effect.”

This has not yet been confirmed as there are no textures for the said skins, and their names might be subject to change before the Legend’s release in Apex Legends season 9.

Developer “JayBiebs” interaction with fans also revealed some of the notable changes that might be coming in the Apex Legends season 9 update. He revealed that Lifeline would no longer have her shield, and her healding speed is improved by 60%. Each care package will grant a significant upgrade.

Revenant will receive a buff that will enhance his wall-climbing abilities, the major problem is with his ultimate, which somewhat feels broken, and it’s breaking the game. The developer must balance this agent.

Fuse the Legend, which was introduced recently, might get a buff that will significantly enhance his ultimate ability. Lastly, developers are going to nerf Spitfire as the golden magazine is making it overly powerful.

The solo queuing in Apex Legends is buggy to a certain degree, and that spoils the fun for many players who want to play the game solo to complete challenges or Easter eggs and not get hauled around by their squad.

The option of “no fill” was introduced in Apex Legends, but it’s not working properly, and people are getting into a squad despite selecting “no fill.” The opposite thing is also happening sometimes. Players are playing solo even if the fill option is selected.

Albeit selecting "no fill" would indeed not give any teammates when returning to the "fill" option, it seems like the game is unable to process the changes. Few players are still stuck in the game without any teammates despite selecting the fill option.

Image Via Trello
Image Via Trello

Respawn has confirmed that a fix is being worked on. Players might see the fix in the upcoming Apex Legend season 9: Legacy update on May 4. Respawn has conceded the issue and marked it as "investigating" on their public Trello Board, and they might have a fix now.

Apex Legends Season 9 map updates

Maps of Apex Legends have been renovated in the past, and the developers are going to remodel Olympus in the next major update of the Apex Legends Season 9 update.

The only details that have been leaked about the changes at this time were when Respawn made the following brief statement about the map: “An infestation has sprung loose, strangling the city with roots and natural growths.”

This indicates that there could be some plants replacing some of the existing architecture with fun and creative ways to navigate the map with the added vegetation in Apex Legends season 9.

Data miner Tobias "Biast12" Poulsen has stated that players should get ready to see map changes. On April 14, he claims that Olympus will get a "big map change" at the start of the season. World's Edge would get a small map change in the middle of the season.

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