Best Armored Core 6 Gundam designs and their Share IDs

Armored Core 6 allows players to create a wide assortment of Gundam designs.
From the Sazabi to the original Gundam, players can create a wealth of mobile suits in Armored Core 6 (Image via FromSoftware)

There's a considerable overlap between Armored Core 6 and Mobile Suit Gundam. It's not difficult to create some of the most iconic creations in the popular mobile suit anime franchise. However, not all content creators or players have given their Share I.D.s for their designs. Therefore, I'm only focusing on creations with a known Share ID, for at least the mobile suit itself, if not the emblem that goes with it. Even if this is only a handful of mobile suit creations, some players have created everything from Tallgeese to the Kampfer.

Today, I am highlighting some of my favorite Armored Core 6 designs that expertly replicate a Mobile Suit Gundam franchise design. The only challenging part in some cases was finding a Share ID. Since these are not crossplay, I will highlight the platform the I.D. is from.

Note: This article is subjective and wholly reflects the writer's opinions.

Best Armored Core 6 designs to transform you into a Gundam pilot

30) Strike Gundam (GAT-X105)

Posts from the armoredcorevi community on Reddit
  • PlayStation: VZE1J9R4E63W

While I’m not as much of a fan of Gundam SEED, Strike Gundam is a versatile, and well-designed mobile suit. The look of the mobile suit is reminiscent of the classic RX-78, while definitely going its own way. It was ultimately developed into a wide assortment of mobile suits, has nearly a dozen variants, and also combines to form Gunbarrel Strike Gundam. As one of Kira Yamato’s suits, it was certainly powerful. It would ultimately be passed on to Mu La Flaga, wherein Kira would receive a newer, better mobile suit.

29) Gundam EZ-8 (RX-79[G])

  • PlayStation: XXTUXBQ61PWX

The Gundam EZ-8 is a rather interesting mobile suit. Introduced during the popular but tragic OVA Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, it’s a very of the mobile suit that Amuro Ray piloted during the One Year War. This machine is piloted by the protagonist of the 08th MS Team, Shiro Amada.

This Ground unit was heavily damaged in battle and was upgraded and modified to become the “Extra-zero-8”, which stood for his unit. It was upgraded using what they had lying around during the battle, so the peculiar chest design comes from a pair of Zaku II shoulder shields that were welded together.

28) Gundam Flauros (ASW-G-64)

  • PC: AHS1YR3H1J8G

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans had some incredible designs, and the Gundam Flauros (Ryusei-Go) is no exception. This one was introduced in season 2 and was piloted by Norba Shino. The peach/pink colored body really stands out compared to some of the other designs from this show.

I’ve seen a few versions of this in Armored Core 6, some of which used the quadruped form the Gundam Flauros can transform into. That was part of what made it so ferocious. You combine that with the intense shoulder/back cannons, and it could devastate enemies from a solid distance.

27) Graze Ein (EB-AX2)

  • PC: 6DR2HYY1W5XM

Graze Ein has to be one of my favorite designs from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Piloted by Ein Dalton, it has a sleek, dark purple and steel gray color palette. Sadly, to get this particular design, you’re going to have to head into NG+. This wide-bodied mobile suit looks incredible in-game, and, like in Iron-Blooded Orphans, is primarily suited to ground combat.

26) Gundam Fenice Rinascita & Gundam Dynames (XXXG-01 & GN-002)

  • Fenice Rinascita (PC): L4LXX806JYM7
  • Gundam Dynames (PC): N31W6SHNLX1M

Normally, I wouldn’t put these two together like this, but the creator used the same model, just reskinned it for the appropriate colors. For that reason, I figured I would slot them together. Gundam Fenice Rinascita is actually not from any of the main continuities, but from Gundam Build Fighters. It’s the custom model and is the successor to XXXG-01Wfr. While the green on it isn’t as brilliant as it is in the anime, it fits the Armored Core 6 look better this way.

Gundam Dynames, on the other hand, is piloted by Lockon Stratos from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. While I’m not a huge 00 fan, it is an incredible mobile suit. It was introduced in Season 1, and served as a primary mobile suit for the Celestial Being faction.

25) Guncannon (RX-77-2)

  • PlayStation: CUSUY16GJSBY, Eye Decal: 60P453T3VLKL, Mouth/Mask Decal: YNQCSK9P219K

During the One Year War, the Earth Federation didn’t feature a wide number of mobile suits. Compared to the Zeons, it was a paltry number. Among them, though, was the RX-77-2 Guncannon.

A red mobile suit with huge guns on its shoulders, it participated in many battles to defend the White Base. It featured no melee weapons but was an incredible artillery support unit. A wide assortment of pilots briefly used it, from Kai Shiden, Amuro Ray, Hayato Kobayashi, Ryu Jose, and more.

24) Gundam Epyon (OZ-13MS)

  • PlayStation: YHTRQVXGMQ2F

While Mobile Report Gundam Wing had some pretty unlikable characters, the suit designs were, again, top notch. Gundam Epyon’s one of my favorites, complete with its awesome whip weapon. However, the original design featured no guns.

This version will most certainly feature guns in Armored Core 6. You could go melee if you want though - don’t let us stop you! This is a sleek, powerful mobile suit, and I like how it came out in-game.

23) GNX


Here’s a solid design from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The GN-X, also referred to as Jinx, was a Mass Produced mobile suit from the United Nations Forces. For a Mass Produced, it also had a very incredible, sleek look. The Coral gear used in this design really fits, I think. It’s a very popular Mass Produced design, and it’s not hard to see why.

22) GM II (A.E.U.G. variant paint) (RGM-179)

  • PC: RATM6756320W

One of the early Mass Produced mobile suits for the Earth Federation, it made a return in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. This version is painted in the A.E.U.G colors of light/dark green. It’s a simple, but practical mobile suit that non-Newtypes could pilot with relative ease.

I really wanted to include this one, partially because of my love of Zeta, but also the Mass Produced suits really don’t get the love they deserve.

21) Strike Freedom (ZGMF-X20A)


While on a personal level I’m not crazy about Gundam Seed Destiny, it has some of my favorite mobile suit designs. While Strike Freedom is no “Infinite Justice,” the design was worthy of a Gundam protagonist.

This version is expertly created in Armored Core 6, though it doesn’t have the awesome wings that Kira Yamamoto’s mobile suit featured. That’s sadly an in-game limit, but maybe that will change in the future.

20) R-1 (Super Robot Wars)


This is the first mobile suit added to this Armored Core 6 list that isn’t in the official Mobile Suit Gundam canon. This is from the Super Robot Wars video game franchise. R-1 stands for Real Personal Trooper Type-1 and debuted in Neo Super Robot Wars.

It can combine with several other mobile suits (R-2 Powered, R-3 Powered) to form SRX. It’s piloted by Ryuusei Date and occasionally by Mai Kobayashi.

19) Gouf, Thunderbolt Variant (MS-7B)

  • PC: XEW53CN6X51N

The Gouf is my absolute favorite standard Mass Produced mobile suit. The bulkier, more combat-oriented Gouf from Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is fantastic, and so is this design in Armored Core 6.

It even packs a double bazooka, according to the designer, for PVP purposes. Sadly, this mobile suit can’t use the energy whips that the original Gouf was known for.

18) ν Gundam (RX-93)


Alongside the Sazazbi in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, another powerful mobile suit was born. ν Gundam, also known as Nu Gundam, was piloted by Amuro Ray.

It’s had several variations and redesigns, but the original is the best. Amuro took this into battle against the Sazabi towards the end of the film, using its powerful beam saber and Fin Funnels to defend against Neo Zeon.

  • PC: G9GU96KWG8WJ

Here we have another version of the Nu Gundam, this one with huge missile launchers to replace the Fin Funnels. Some of the other Nu Gundam designs use Drone Launchers, but some think the missiles do better in terms of damage. They’re both the same version of the Gundam in Armored Core 6, but with different parts and designs.

17) Full Armor Gundam ver. Thunderbolt (FA-78)


This mobile suit hasn’t made many appearances, but that doesn’t change how great it is. This version of Thunderbolt is incredible. Io Fleming piloted this particular mobile suit during Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt: December Sky. While I’ve only seen it once or twice, I’m a huge fan of this design, and I think fans are going to love it.

16) Gundam Aerial (XVX-016)

  • PlayStation: TV1411PV3VHP (Original code: K914QZAZWJZ1)

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is an incredible show, and Aerial was the first major mobile suit that Suletta would pilot. I’m in love with this design - it’s incredible. According to the designer, it now also is a GUND-Bit build and has the Permet score lines in the design. The screenshots of it looked visually stunning, thanks to Armored Core 6’s photo mode.


Another excellent version of Aerial, this one shows off the visual changes when it accesses Permet Score 6. In episode 11 of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Suletta duels Shaddiq and his harem - this is when the Aerial mobile suit shows off the power of Permet Score 6. Visually, it’s quite different from the other one, opting for more appropriate blues to likely represent the mobile suit’s glowing. It’s an awesome version of a modern mobile suit in Armored Core 6.

15) Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City (ASW-G-11)

  • PC: F124L0NW2MHN

In the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City made its appearance. The mobile suit might have a ridiculous, over-the-top name, but it has an amazing tan-and-white paint job to go along with incredible combat potential. Piloted by Akihiro Altland, it’s an upgraded form of the ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake. If you’re a fan of Iron-Blooded Orphans, give this design a try in Armored Core 6.

14) Gundam Mk.II (Titans ver) (RX-178)

  • PlayStation: 2FHPZP3KM9QY

The Gundam Mk.II comes from my favorite part of the franchise (Zeta), and I’m glad to see someone designed this for Armored Core 6. Honestly, I liked the black and blue color palette the Titans went with, as opposed to the traditional white and blue of the A.E.U.G.

A solid, dependable suit, three were initially made after the One Year War. During the events that kicked off the Zeta series, Quattro Bajeena and his wingmen successfully stole these from the Titans.

13) Hyaku Shiki (MSN-00100)

  • PC: P942WNZPK8AS

As a part of the “Zeta Project,” the Hyaku Shiki was created by Anaheim Electronics. That means yes, that’s one more Zeta Gundam design in Armored Core 6. Quatro Bajeena would pilot this throughout the later parts of the series, though Beecha Oleg would command it during Double Zeta.

A sleek, gold and blue mobile suit, it also has the kanji for “100” on the shoulders, as the name means “Type 100.” The idea was that it would be a mobile suit that would last for a hundred years. In the Gundam Musou games, it has a fast-moving, melee-oriented style, but also packs a gigantic laser (FHA-03M1 Mega Bazooka Launcher).

12) Gundam Heavyarms Custom (XXG-01H2)


While I’m not a huge Mobile Report Wing fan, Heavyarms Custom is incredible. The Endless Waltz version of the mobile suit made it into Gundam Evolution as well. The blues and whites used for this mobile suit are perfect in Armored Core 6.

Since this mobile suit was all about dumping tons of ammo from giant guns, this version does much the same. Trowa Barton would be proud to take this into battle against Balteus in AC6.

11) Gundam Calibarn (X-EX01)

  • PC: R6JV48C5ZRAR

It turns out that Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is pretty popular. Without spoiling too much of Season 2, this is a mobile suit piloted by the primary protagonist, Suletta Mercury. It was manufactured by Ochs Earth Corporation, and operated by Earth House.

This suit stands out from the previous Lfrith models, as it does not safeguard the pilot at all. It pushes the limits of what the GUND-ARM designs can do. This version in Armored Core 6 is far safer to use, however.

10) Gundam Vidar (ASW-G-XX)

  • PC: R0758HDWBVMTWh

Piloted by Gaelio Bauduin, it was manufactured by Gjallarhorn during Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Gaelio wound up taking on the alias Vidar to match its mobile suit. This mobile suit had a wide array of weapons, from the Burst Saber to a 110mm Rifle and Handgun. It last took flight during the McGillis coup of Gjallarhorn, where Vidar revealed his true identity.

However, the duel was interrupted by Barbatos Lupus Rex, piloted by Mikazuki. It’s a gorgeous, blue-colored mobile suit and will look amazing in-game, thanks to its creator in Armored Core 6.

9) Gundam Pharact (FP/A-77)

  • Emblem (White): LEBL6C5NLUA0
  • Emblem (Black): D89FGHHQT7JG

Piloted by the deranged Elan Ceres in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Gundam Pharact is one of the designs by Peil Technologies. Norea Du Noc also piloted this devastating suit, though Elan Ceres and his clone are the most frequent pilots. Now you can pilot this incredible mobile suit in Armored Core 6.

This particular design is incredibly impressive and even includes the proper weapon in a long-armed rifle. Players will have to do some work for this one, though, as it does require completing the Arena and collecting Combat Logs for the ALLMIND parts.

8) Gundam Barbatos (ASW-G-08)


Iron-Blooded Orphans was a popular but dark run of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. It only makes sense to appear in a world as hopeless and grim as Armored Core 6. Gundam Barbatos is one of the kits I have in my own personal Gunpla collection. It was also a popular melee-based mobile suit in the short-lived Gundam Evolution online game.

Produced during the Calamity War, it was piloted by Mikazuki Augus during the first season of the anime. Though it does boast quite a number of melee weapons, it also had reach with the Arm Mortars and Autocannons.

7) Guntank (RX-75)

Share ID: GRD6EKT17H9V

Unfortunately, this creator on Twitter (Brave__Knight) did not specify which platform they were on. Nonetheless, they created an amazing version of one of the Earth Federation’s models: The Guntank. It was used by several of the Earth Federation pilots, such as Hayato Kobayashi, Kai Shiden, and Ryu Jose. Even Amuro Ray wound up briefly piloting this ground-based mobile suit.

With tank treads and mighty cannons, it’s the bane of any mass-produced model it comes across if those cannons strike true.

6) Zaku II (MS-06)

  • PC: DNSQ5B35QU1X

This is a classic mobile suit. When it comes to the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, one of the first machines you see in the very first series is a Zaku II. They first appear in a platoon attacking an Earth Federation base.

They tried to put a stop to the launch of Gundam, but it didn’t work out. A useful mass-produced model, they make up the brunt of the Zeon’s mobile suit forces. This designer also added the logo for the Zeon and the appropriate designation - 101, from a popular image of the mecha.

5) Gundam (RX-78-02)

  • Playstation: DHZN9CCZ2N9J

Without the suit that started it all, you can't have a Gundam design list in Armored Core 6. Amuro Ray's RX-78-02, a part of "Operation V," was one of the last hopes for the Earth as they battled the Zeons in the One Year War. This is a simple but excellent design for the original mobile suit.

  • PlayStation: L43C8XA5QAHB

In addition to the previous entry, we’ve also now found a gorgeous alternate version of the RX-78-2. This one is based on the Real Grade version of the Gunpla and might be even better than the first one we saw. It’s a visual masterpiece and a grand tribute to the mobile suit that started everything. Now you can play as the original mobile suit with two designs.

4) Schwarzette (MDX-0003)

Posts from the armoredcore community on Reddit
  • PlayStation: Y82HRN2Y9801

From the first series to the most recent, the Schwarzette hails from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. Piloted by Lauda Neill, it's one of the mobile suits used by Jeturk House and designed by Jeturk Heavy Machinery. The successor to the MD-0064 Darilbalde, it uses the GUND FORMAT technology. It's a powerful mobile suit and a sharp design on top of that for Armored Core 6.

3) Exia (GN-001)

  • P.C.: 3YB7LA28DNRC

Exia (GN-001) hails from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, a popular, more modern series. The series, due for a remake, featured quite a few designs similar to Universal Century storyline mobile suits. This was one of the mobile suits that the main protagonist, Setsuna F. Seiei, and was also known as Gundam Seven Swords. It had a sleek, simple design reminiscent of the RX-78-02 model that started the franchise. I love how it appears here in Armored Core 6 as well.

2) Zeta (MSZ-006)

Posts from the armoredcore community on Reddit

Personally, my favorite series in the entire franchise, this model hails from 1985's Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. The primary mobile suit for the A.E.U.G. didn't appear until later in the show. Until the debut of the MSZ-006, Kamille Bidan piloted a Mk. II, which was stolen from the Titans. Sadly, this Armored Core 6 design cannot transform into a jet, but it's still beautiful.

1) Sazabi (MSN-04)

  • PlayStation: S4559FP1K4YZ, Emblem: U6XB417283EQ

Char's Counterattack is one of my favorite parts of the Universal Century storyline, and I know I'm not alone. Quite a few people have made Sazabi designs for Armored Core 6 - heck, my preview of the game, and I tried to replicate it from memory. The final mobile suit Char Aznable piloted at the film's end, this robust, gleaming red mobile design stands out as one of the best designs for the latest FromSoftware game.

  • PC: 3B4118WKD0YS

This is another gorgeous version of one of my favorite mobile suits of all time. This one is the “ver.KA” variant which is one of the more popular Gunpla. “Ver.Ka” stands for Version Katoki, and are renowned for their intricate detail and designs. This is because they are created by the great Hajime Katoki. These are often among the greatest designs in Gunpla. This Armored Core 6 design is no exception. It’s beautiful and features all the weapons and looks that I expect from Char Aznable’s mobile suit.

This is only a sample of the fantastic mobile suit designs you can find and use in Armored Core 6. Players constantly create new things, so we'll watch for amazing A.C. builds you can try in your playthrough, regardless of platform.

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