Asmongold's 5 most controversial Twitch stream moments

Asmongold is no stranger to stoking controversy (Image via Twitch/asmongold)
Asmongold is no stranger to stoking controversy (Image via Twitch/asmongold)

Zack "Asmongold" is currently one of the top Twitch streamers on the platform. With over three million followers under his belt, the American streamer has maintained a staggering 72K average viewership in the last year on his main account.

Zack has gradually become a community pillar known for his MMORPG gameplay and no-nonsense attitude. Especially after the founding of One True King, one of the most successful streaming organizations in the world.

The streamer started content creation in 2009 and has been live streaming on Twitch since 2014. The success did not come without controversy, as the Austin native's outspoken mannerisms have frequently gotten him into hot waters. Be it his criticism of other streamers or developers.

Asmongold's streams that got caught up in controversies

5) Banned from WOW


One of the biggest MMO streamers on Twitch, Asmongold is a veritable giant when it comes to World of Warcraft content. So when he realized he was banned for 30 days, it shocked many in his audience.

Addressing the ban on his stream, the OTK co-founder informed Blizzard that the ban was unnecessary and without proof because he had not used any real money transactions for the game. The situation was quite a shock as he was scared about losing his items:

"'Along with this suspension, we may remove currencies, inventory...,' wait, I'm going to lose my Gladiator mount! Wait, wait a second! Remove curriences, inventory, or ranking qualifications... wait, are you kidding me? Oh! That took me hours!"

Fortunately, he got back the account within hours of airing his grievances on stream, but it did showcase how unfair Blizzard's ban policy can be. Especially towards players not as famous as Asmongold.

4) Twitch ban for hateful conduct


Asmongold's alternate Twitch channel, Zackrawrr, was banned for alleged hateful conduct on June 11, 2022. The streamer took to YouTube and posted an 8-minute long video addressing the issue. Someone in his Diablo Immortal game bypassed the language filter when he was AFK and had typed the n-word multiple times.

Despite saying he addressed the incident as he saw fit by belittling the action, Twitch banned him:

"Twitch decided to suspend me because I did not adequetaly address the situation although I spent five minutes afterwards talking about it and going over the reasons why it's stupid."

The 24-hour ban again brought up the debate of inconsistent policies within the Twitch ecosystem because he could not even stream on his main account lest he is charged for ban evasion.

3) Controversy over #ADayOffTwitch


On September 1, 2021, several streamers decided not to stream on the Amazon-owned platform as a sign of protest against the platform's inaction in combating hate raids and bot spam on Twitch, disproportionately affecting smaller streamers.

Asmongold came out against the virtual walkout and explained his position on the matter beforehand. While he agreed that the purple platform was not doing enough to stop the bot attacks, he did not agree with how 'A Day Off Twitch' was handling it and that the movement was not big enough to make a difference.

"You can't get a bunch of 20 Andys together and think you're gonna do anything. Nobody gives a f**k, it doesn't f***ing matter. Who cares?"

The comments made many people angry, with Twitter exploding with people calling him out for belittling the movement and resorting to crude and toxic language to disparage the streamer.

2) The Saudi Arabia Incident

In June 2020, many prominent streamers, such as Mizkif, accepted a lucrative sponsorship deal in Saudi Arabia. The move sparked much backlash in the streaming community, and Asmongold's audience was no different.

The streamer, however, seemed fine with people going to the Middle Eastern country, saying that people taking the deal is not necessarily supporting every action of the Saudi government:

"Bro, I would just go, if they want to go, they should just go. Like, why not?"

The audience was quite adamant with their stance, and Asmongold had to continue justifying his words further:

"In my mind, there's a very big difference between like somebody going to China or going to Saudi Arabia and then somebody promoting their ideologies."

Social media had a field day with many prominent people discussing politically sensitive topics. Asmongold's take did not sit well with a lot of people.

1) Accused of defending Greekgodx


In July 2022, Greekgodx was riding a huge controversy wave with his takes on women and conspiracy theories, such as calling the 1969 moon landing fake. Asmongold had him on his stream while reviewing a video of controversial figure Andrew Tate, a highly chauvinistic internet personality for whom Greekgodx had a soft spot.

Leaving the alleged misogyny of the British streamer's rants out of this debate, many in the audience felt that the OTK co-founder was not doing the correct thing by giving the banned streamer a platform to spout anti-science theories.

The Asmongold subreddit was full of such criticism. While reviewing the Reddit posts on stream the next day, the Texan lashed out:

"People are so on edge? Yeah, people are so on edge. I'm not going to be on edge because of you. Get the f**k out of here, p***y."

He then proceeded to ban several of those accounts as he ranted that he doesn't care about this type of criticism from strangers on the internet, upsetting many people.

Note: The list is highly subjective, and opinions belong to the author.

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