Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date hints, fake APK, pre-registration, iOS release details, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is near (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is near (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date hints are spreading like wildfire across the Indian gaming community.

Gamers are eager to know about the release date of the upcoming battle royale title. Popular PUBG Mobile influencers have sparked a lot of speculation by dropping several hints regarding the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This article looks at the release date hints and also discusses various important topics regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Release date speculation

As mentioned above, several popular PUBG Mobile influencers have dropped major hints towards the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The speculation started off with Maxtern's binary number tweet. The cryptic tweet consists of a series of binary digits. Although it is quite difficult to understand the hint, converting the binary set into decimal form will reveal the answer to be 18062021.

The answer reveals the date June 18th, 2021. Gamers believe this is the exact date of the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Ghatak also took to Twitter to provide a hint about the release date of the upcoming battle royale title. However, his tweet was not as cryptic as Maxtern's. The popular gaming streamer stated that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released in the third week of June.

The speculation was not confirmed by the developers. However, PUBG Mobile fans believe that June 18th is the date and Krafton Inc. will drop the official statement soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India's official Facebook post recently teased gamers that the game will soon be available for download. However, there was no specific date mentioned in it.

Ever since the title was announced on May 6th, various APKs regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India surfaced on the internet. These APKs and links promise to download the game on the user's device.

Gamers must take note that these APKs are fake as Battlegrounds Mobile India is not yet officially launched. Often these malicious APKs and websites ask for personal information from gamers. Gamers should abstain from providing their personal details as third party APKs and websites can be harmful and cause immense trouble for gamers.

Krafton Inc. has rolled out a pre-registration drive for Android users. So far, over 20 million pre-registrations have been completed. The developers anticipate the figures will rise before the game is officially launched.

Pre-registration of the game will fetch significant in-game rewards for gamers. Gamers can claim these rewards once Battlegrounds Mobile India is officially released.

The absence of iOS interface from pre-registration has raised a lot of queries among gamers. PUBG Mobile fans with an iOS interface were eager to know whether the game will be available for download.

Several PUBG Mobile influencers have revealed that iOS users won't be allowed to pre-register for the game. It will be directly available for download from the App Store once it is officially released.

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