Bella Thorne apologizes to OnlyFans subscribers after allegedly scamming them for $200 each

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Popular Hollywood actress Bella Thorne has responded to her recent OnlyFans controversy and apologized for the same.

The 23-year-old Hollywood star who has acted in films such as Blended and The Babysitter, recently created a furor among OnlyFans users for allegedly scamming them out of $200 each. Her decision to start an OnlyFans for 'research' purposes backfired upon her as it enraged not only the thousands who subscribed to her, but also the sex-workers who earn a living on the platform.

Bella Thorne recently became the first person to earn a whopping $1 million on OnlyFans, in a single day:

Her estimated earnings, throughout her two-day stint, reportedly amount to an eye-watering $2 million.

In the aftermath of the Bella Thorne controversy, OnlyFans has now brought about changes in its income model, which is already taking a heavy toll upon its users. Bella Thorne has now issued an apology and explained the same.

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Bella Thorne apologizes for OnlyFans controversy


Bella Thorne recently joined the likes of Cardi B and Swae Lee on OnlyFans, which operates as a content subscription service, usually featuring X-rated content.

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However, her main motive behind starting an OnlyFans account was linked to research for an upcoming indie-movie with director Sean Baker, who is known for his films The Florida Project and Tangerine.

She explained:

It’s a feature we are researching as I’m living it currently . What are the ins and outs? What does a platform like this do to its users? What’s the connective material between your life and your life inside the world of OnlyFans? ... How can it change your life for the worse and the better?

However, Sean Baker recently clarified in a recent post that he is in no way associated with this project and would never do anything to hurt the community:

However, the damage seems to have already been done as post the Bella Thorne controversy, OnlyFans content creators have now come out in rebellion against the new income model imposed by the organization.

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In a statement to Rolling Stone, Aussie Rachel, an OnlyFans creator, said:

To witness a celebrity gentrifying a platform and making obscene amounts of money without acknowledging the plight of sex workers is truly a slap in the face.

According to reports, OnlyFans has now imposed a $50 cap on pay-per-view content and a $100 cap on tips. This move was introduced without any prior warning and is being viewed by users as a major blow to their livelihood.

Another OnlyFans creator, Paige, also gave a statement to Rolling Stone, where she said:

As a black and brown woman… I am deeply concerned about finances, especially now. Only Fans had given me a moment to finally breathe and feel a bit more secure.
Custom videos, sexting, tips… that’s half of the income I made on Only Fans. And these new policies are going to hinder my income potential.

As dissent began to mount, Bella Thorne took to Twitter to apologize for her actions and took accountability by admitting that as a famous personality, she ought to have used her to voice to uplift others.

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Check out the series of tweets, where Bella Thorne apologized to her OnlyFans users and spoke about breaking the stigma associated with sex-workers:

Twitter users, however, were having none of it, as they reacted to her apology:

It now remains to be seen what exactly will be the far-reaching ramifications of the new policy system of OnlyFans and if the Twitter storm surrounding Bella Thorne eventually subsides in the coming days or not.

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