Best Aim Assist settings to use in Warzone 2 finally revealed

Best Aim Assist settings to use in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)
Best Aim Assist settings to use in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)

One of the most significant player bases in Warzone 2 plays the game on a console. With Warzone 2 having a strong aim assist for players to aim and shoot with ease, it is also crucial for players to have the best settings on controllers as well. Hence, they can get the most out of the features that the game provides. While the game offers cross-play for players with different platforms to co-exist, it also puts the skills of its players to the test.

If you are looking for the best aim assist settings for controllers to get the ultimate advantage in Warzone 2, this article will help you.

Best Aim Assist settings in Warzone 2 to increase chances of winning


As controllers have analog sticks, it is quite difficult for players to aim like mouse and keyboard players while shooting in the game. Here comes the advantage of Aim Assist, which helps players aim with a little bit of ease. For this reason, the developers have offered numerous Aim Assist techniques through which one should be able to aim correctly in the game.

Warzone 2 allows its fans to try out various types of Aim Assist methods that suit their playstyles. Players have identified the best settings viable across different situations to be the following:

  • Target Aim Assist - On
  • Aim Assist Type - Black Ops
  • Aim Response Curve Type - Dynamic
  • ADS Sens. Multiplier -1.00
  • ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing - Instant
  • Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom - Off

The above-mentioned settings collectively provide the best Aim Assist experience in the Battle Royale title and ensure that gamers on controllers are never at a disadvantage against their PC opponents. If fans wish to further tweak their controller settings to achieve the best results, this next section might be useful.

Best controller settings to use in Warzone 2


It's not just Aim Assist, having the best controller settings in the game can also be to your advantage. While this can depend on one's playstyle, here is a setting that players can try out for their next Warzone 2 game. They work on both PlayStation and Xbox systems. Moreover, even PC players can opt for these settings if they wish to play the game using a controller.


  • Button layout: Tactical
  • Flip shoulder buttons: Off
  • Stick layout preset: Default
  • Controller vibration: Off (Turn this off as vibrations during a match can be a huge distraction).


  • Horizontal stick sensitivity: 5 (Set as per preference)
  • Vertical stick sensitivity: 6 (Set as per preference but make sure to set it a bit higher than Horizontal sensitivity)
  • ADS sensitivity multiplier: 0.90
  • Sensitivity multiplier
  • Third person: 1.00
  • Ground vehicles: 1.00
  • Air vehicles: 1.00
  • Tablet: 1.00
  • Vertical aim axis
  • On foot: Standard
  • Third person: Standard
  • Ground vehicles: Standard
  • Air vehicles: Standard


  • Aim down sight behavior: Hold
  • Change zoom shared input: Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Focus
  • Focus behavior: Hold
  • Automatic sprint: Off
  • Equipment behavior: Hold
  • Weapon mount activation: ADS + Melee
  • Interact/Reload behavior: Prioritize reload
  • Armor plate behavior: Apply one

Note: Vertical sensitivity should be set a bit higher as it helps control recoil.

Once the settings are tweaked to the above-mentioned values, gamers can make minor changes to them to better suit their playstyle. Follow Sportskeeda's Esports and Gaming section for guides like this regarding Warzone 2.

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