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Best AX-50 loadout in COD: Warzone

A look at what loadout will make the AX-50 unstoppable
A look at what loadout will make the AX-50 unstoppable
Brandon Moore
Modified 25 Sep 2020, 23:16 IST

The AX-50 takes some time to unlock in COD, which may make it an oversight to many COD: Warzone players. When compared to the HDR, there are several things it does better. Some players may believe it comes in second place as the best sniper in COD: Warzone. That does not affect its popularity, though.

The best loadout for the AX-50 in COD: Warzone is one that focuses on bullet velocity, mobility, and range. Being able to aim down the sights with a sniper in a quick manner is crucial. Also, hitting shots from a long distance without worrying about leading or bullet drop is important.

Best COD: Warzone loadout for the AX-50

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision


Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

Time and time again, the Monolithic Suppressor has proven to be the best, and most popular, attachment in all of COD: Warzone. It silences the sniper and increases the damage range, and there are zero negatives about this suppressor.

Barrel: 32.0” Factory Barrel

This barrel does lower ADS and movement speeds, though recoil control, damage range, and bullet velocity get a considerable boost. Upping the range and lowering the bullet drop for the AX-50 is a huge play.


Laser: Tac Laser

While several attachments hinder a variety of movement aspects, the Tac Laser is here to negate those. This laser is visible to enemies, but with heightened ADS speed, aiming stability, and aim walking steadiness, those players will get put down before seeing the laser even allows them to react.

Stock: Singuard Arms Assassin

This stock goes hand in hand with the Tac Laser. The Singuard Arms Assassin does lower aiming stability, but the ADS speed gets improved.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Following suit, COD: Warzone’s Stippled Grip Tape as a rear grip has pros coming in the form of ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed. The con is lowered aiming stability, but that is minimal compared to the boosts from the Tac Laser.


Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision


Cold-Blooded is one of the more popular perks these days in COD: Warzone. Thermal optics were a massive part of the meta at one point, making Cold-Blooded invaluable. That still stands to this day, as players are undetectable by AI targeting systems and those pesky thermal scopes.



You can't have Cold-Blooded without Ghost in COD: Warzone. It is the perfect perk duo, as Ghost prevents detection from UAV, Radar Drones, and Heartbeat sensors. While the Advanced UAV still shows the player's location, it does not indicate his/her direction.


Snipers running the Tracker perk can literally be on the hunt in COD: Warzone. Enemies leave a footprint trail, and markers appear at enemy death locations. Those left behind by enemies you kill are also hidden.


Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision


A COD: Warzone loadout without C4 as the lethal equipment choice wouldn't seem right. Especially for the AX-50 sniper rifle. A sniper's job is to move from location to location, gain vantage points, and pick off unsuspecting enemies. The C4 helps clear out those locations and nests to get the best view.

Heartbeat Sensor

Naturally, C4 needs to go hand in hand with the Heartbeat Sensor. Surveying a room or building before entering is crucial as a mobile sniper. This sensor allows players to be found, C4 to be thrown, and the overtaking of a vital choke point.


Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinions of others regarding the best loadout for the AX-50 in COD: Warzone.

Published 25 Sep 2020, 23:16 IST
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