Best Modern Warfare 2 RAAL MG loadout for Season 2

The RAAL MG is a reliable gun (Image via Activision)
The RAAL MG is a reliable gun (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features a variety of different weapons that suit different playstyles. With updates, new ones are added to the game to increase the pool even further, while also adjusting the current guns to balance the multiplayer mode.

The RAAL MG is a strong light machine gun that is perfect for medium to long-range firefights as it has high bullet velocity, low recoil, and large magazine size. It is most suitable for the Ground War game mode as it will overpower most weapons at range. Players will have to equip the right attachments to the RAAL MG to make the most of its potential.

Modern Warfare 2 guide: What are the best attachments for RAAL MG in Season 2?


To unlock the RAAL MG, players can simply reach rank 25 as it is not part of a weapon platform, and they do not need to level up other guns first. Even without any attachments equipped, it is a powerful pick that can even two-shot enemies at medium range, thanks to its incredible damage output.

Players will have to fully level up the RAAL MG in Modern Warfare 2 to be able to use it at its best with the lowest possible ADS speed, lowest recoil, and mobility. However, to unlock all the available attachments for it, the game requires various other weapons to be leveled up as well, although all the viable components can be unlocked by reaching the maximum level of the gun.

The best attachments for the RAAL MG in Modern Warfare 2 are:

  • Receiver: RAAL MG
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip Wrap
  • Stock: FSS Riot Stock
  • Barrel: 21" EXF Rhino
  • Muzzle: FTAC Dreadnought
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro

First, the Bruen Q900 Grip Wrap Rear Grip is necessary to increase the gun's spring-to-fire speed, which will allow players to quickly start shooting right after sprinting when they come across enemies. This attachment also increases ADS speed, which is always helpful.

The FSS Riot Stock attachment will further increase the ADS speed, while also increasing the base sprint speed of the player, allowing them to traverse the larger Ground War maps in reduced time. Another benefit of this attachment is that it increases crouch movement speed, which can be useful when players are trying to sneak behind enemy lines.

The 21" EXF Rhino and FTAC Dreadnought attachments are the most important for increasing the weapon's bullet velocity while also providing it with sound suppression and more recoil control.


The Cronen Mini Pro is the best optic for this weapon as it provides the best precision sight picture, making it easy for players to track enemies in the distance without taking up too much space on the screen. However, if they are comfortable using the gun's iron sight, they can remove this attachment to increase ADS speed.

Lastly, if players have reached the maximum level of the gun and unlocked weapon tuning, they should set the sliders for all the aforementioned attachments to "ADS speed" and "sprint-to-fire speed" as it will maximize the RAAL MG's performance in Modern Warfare 2.