Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith guide: List of all meta attachments

Modern Warfare 2 best attachments list (Image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 best attachments list (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released by Activision, marking a new era for the entire franchise. The title packs stunning visuals, a breathtaking campaign with great character stories, and a complete overhaul of the combat and movement mechanics.

Modern Warfare 2 has brought forward a new weapon configuration system that is unlike what's seen in most other recent video games. It allows players to fundamentally change the entire purpose of a gun to some degree. This advanced Gunsmith system allows gamers to modify a base weapon beyond what it is capable of by boosting its efficiency and lethality.

There are multiple attachments for almost all firearms in the title. They let gamers make an existing weapon more powerful as well as enhance it to suit specific scenarios. Fortunately, there are a few attachments that work well with almost all guns and make them much easier to kill enemies with.

Note: This is not a ranked list, and the items on it reflect the subjective opinion of the writer.

Modern Warfare 2 best attachments for each category listed


Modern Warfare 2 does not offer a variety of options to the playerbase in terms of base weapons, which makes attachments all the more necessary. Here are the best meta attachments:


The primary objective of using a muzzle modification attachment should be to increase recoil steadiness or enhance the overall recoil control while subjecting the weapon to the least possible negative side effects. Here are the best options to use in this category:

  • VLK Koloss Flash Hider
  • Echoline GS-X
  • Dark KX-30
  • FTAC Castle Comp

These muzzles are the most effective, as they directly affect and reduce recoil-related issues on weapons and help the player master them easily. These attachments are most effective when they're used with a compatible underbarrel.



Barrels are quite versatile. They're generally chosen based on how the player wants to use a weapon. A base gun can be repurposed to become a lethal close-range companion or a consistent long-range killer. Here are the attachments one should consider using:

  • 7.5” Tempus Firebrand
  • Hightower 20” Barrel
  • 14” Carbine Shroud

These barrel attachments can contribute to the rudimentary and raw stats of either a weapon’s ADS and movement speed or damage range and bullet velocity, depending on which one is selected. However, the barrel slot can also be left empty and made up for by using an attachment in another slot.


Lasers are mainly used to increase the accuracy of a weapon, as well as its ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed. In Modern Warfare 2, this slot seems to be very crucial and necessary to maximize a gun's overall mobility. Here are two options for the laser slot:

  • FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Corio Laz-44 V3

These two laser attachments are currently the best for filling this slot on almost all weapons. They directly increase ADS and sprint-to-fire speed and offer the least downsides.



The choice or presence of an optic depends on player preference and can vary based on the weapon being used. Some guns do not require this attachment as their iron sights are refined enough for short and medium-range combat. That said, here are the best attachments when it comes to optics:

  • Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Corvus SOL-76
  • SZ Lonewolf Optic

These are some of the best sight attachments that can help players aim more precisely. Moreover, they don't take a huge toll on the ADS speed of the weapon. However, if a gun is built for long-range gunfights, a larger scope can be used instead of these.


The stock is the part of a gun that controls the weapon’s overall kick and should be selected with the aim of reducing the recoil as much as possible. There are also certain attachments in this category that focus on speed and mobility, which can be used if the base gun is repurposed for short-range fights.

  • Ravage-8
  • Demo D-50 Buffer Tube

These stock attachments can either provide weapon stability and hurt movement speed or take a toll on the former while enhancing the latter. This, again, will depend on the attachment selected. This slot stock is similar to the barrel one and is not an absolute requirement that can always improve the gun.

Rear grip


Rear grip attachments can be quite versatile and primarily help to control the recoil of the weapon while taking a toll on its overall aiming stability. Most of the gunfights gamers engage in are medium range, so firearms do not always need much stability, so this slot can be filled depending on how one wants to use their gun. Here are the best options for this category:

  • Sakin ZX Grip
  • Phantom Grip
  • XTEN Grip

These attachments are better suited to increase recoil control. Most options for this slot — including the three mentioned above — focus on increasing ADS and weapon movement speed, but this comes at the cost of a loss in overall recoil control, which is very important in a game like Modern Warfare 2.


Comb Modern Warfare 2 attachments are unique to Marksman and Sniper Rifle weapon classes and should be attached to increase their movement speed; these guns are chunky and hard to handle. There's just one meta attachment here:

  • Aim-Assist 406

Aim-Assist 406 increases the handling and sprint-to-fire speed, along with ADS speed, which allows players to quickly reposition themselves and evade dangerous fights. It is not a crucial part of any build yet because snipers are generally used from safe distances.



Bolt attachments are also unique and should be used to enhance the re-chambering speed. This allows players to shoot with less delay, which provides the enemies with less time to react. There's only one bolt in the meta:

  • FSS ST87 Bolt

This attachment provides the fastest re-chambering speed in Modern Warfare 2 and is very efficient when used with weapons like LA-B 330. This is also not a crucial slot that requires to be filled, and the guns in the title can be used without it as well.


The requirement of a magazine in a Modern Warfare 2 weapon is once again subject to player preference. Most guns in the title have a relatively fast Time To Kill (TTK) and do not require a massive amount of bullets to eliminate an opponent. Here's the meta magazine gamers can consider using:

  • 45 Round Mag

Most Modern Warfare 2 magazine attachments offer different benefits, but selecting the one with the least number of cons is the way to go. The best options in this category, including the one mentioned above, are usually extended magazines that offer less ammo capacity than the ones that provide more.

This is because an attachment that has 45 ammo capacity will grant more perks than one that has 60. This magazine is also not a slot that is imperative to fill in this game, as players can use other attachments to build a more lethal weapon.



Underbarrel attachments play a huge role in any Modern Warfare 2 weapon build as they shape the basic nature of the gun and how it will serve its purpose. Players should choose to increase the weapon stability and recoil steadiness for this attachment slot. They must also go with the one with the least cons. Here are some of the best options to use in this regard:

  • Demo Firm Grip
  • FTAC Ripper 56
  • VX Pineapple

These are some of the most effective Modern Warfare 2 underbarrel attachments that can reduce the weapon’s overall recoil and make it more tamable. These options also increase the steadiness of the gun, which allows it to be used more freely in medium and short-range gunfights.

These were the most useful attachments for weapons in Modern Warfare 2. It is important to note that they are not absolute choices and can be swapped out for different attachments. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more MW2 build guides.

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