Borderlands 3: Top 13 New Features/Gameplay Mechanics In the Game Revealed So Far 

Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3
Hrithik Raj

Gearbox Entertainments hosted gameplay reveal event for their upcoming looter-shooter game Borderlands 3. The game is slated to launch on September 13, 2019, on all major systems. The new gameplay reveal live event was a real treat to watch

Borderlands 3 is the most technically advanced, artwise best-looking game so far in the series. The game introduced a ton of new gameplay features and mechanics which makes the game even more fun to play. Today we have prepared a list of top 13 new features/gameplay mechanics in Borderlands 3 revealed at the event.

Note:- There are plenty of other small new features that we have not included in the list.


For the first time in Borderlands series, history players can now slide their way through enemies and covers. Borderlands 3 introduces a new gameplay mechanics of sliding in the game.


The game also introduced a new mantling feature in the gameplay reveal event. Players can now easily climb to places by using mantling. In previous games, there were times when we couldn't climb some structures due to the height as jump was limited. But, in Borderlands 3, Gearbox has introduced a new level of verticality by adding mantling feature.

Destructible Environments

Structures and Environments in Borderlands 3 are now destructible. Players can now use their weapons to destroy enemy covers or use the destructible environment to enhance their gameplay. This new feature brings a lot of creativity in Borderlands 3 gameplay.

Exploding Elemental Cylinders New Mechanics

The exploding cylinders of Borderlands series that you can see everywhere lying here and there have now new mechanics. The elemental cylinders can be sent flying in any direction by using a melee attack.

Maliwan And Calypso Twins

In the latest gameplay reveal event of Borderlands 3, new things about our Antagonists were also revealed. Maliwan and The Calypso Twins Troy and Tyreen are working together with their own motives in play.

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Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

Alternate Fire Modes For Weapons

We finally got to see the new alternative fire modes in Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event. Guns can now exhibit multiple functionalities in the game. A sniper rifle is turned into a shotgun by selecting the alternate fire mode. Tediore guns when reloaded now act as guns with legs, a jumping energy ball or grenade and many more.

NPC's Can Now Revive You

Borderlands 3 introduced yet another new gameplay mechanics which was completely new to the series. NPC's in the game can now revive our heroes/players and the same can be done with them.

Skills With Augmentation

Skills in Borderlands 3 is no more a mere action skill. Players can now add different augments in their action skill to get additional features.

Multiple Action Skills

Each playable characters in Borderlands 3 now come with multiple action skills which are unlocked using the skill points. The three action skills can be unlocked and swapped in a few steps. Even if two players are playing the same character they can have a completely different build.

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Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

Swappable Action Skills

Action Skills in Borderlands 3 is swappable and players can swap them before a battle.

More Interactive Protagonists

The Protagonists of Borderlands 3 are now more interactive than before. They react to the surrounding, NPC's, guns, enemies and much more. The characters use voice-overs to hold a conversation.

Sanctuary III

Sanctuary 2 is the new home for our heroes where they can rest in their own private quarters. It's a safe haven where you can find almost every character from Sanctuary. Sanctuary III is a big space ship which is also used by our heroes to visit different worlds.

Returning Heroes

In Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal event we saw Zero who served as one of the playable characters of Borderlands 2. Lilith, Maya, Zero, Brick, Rhys, Mordecai are the confirmed returning heroes from the previous games.

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