Breaking down Ludwig's 2022 so far: Subathon 2.0, Mogul Money Live, swatting incident, and more

Recapping some of the most viral moments from Ludwig
Recapping some of the most viral moments from Ludwig's 2022 livestreams (Image via Sportskeeda)

This year, popular internet personality Ludwig was one of the most-watched content creators on YouTube Gaming. Aside from his regular PC-based livestreams, Ludwig also hosted a variety of game shows and special events that took over the internet.

This article will go over some of his most notable and remarkable moments of 2022, which drew thousands of viewers to his YouTube livestream.

A deep dive into Ludwig's 2022

1) Subathon 2.0

On March 14, 2021, the former Twitch streamer hosted his first-ever subathon. Following the conclusion of the 30-day-long broadcast, he became the most-subscribed content creator on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform.

Fast forward a year, on October 30, 2022, Ahgren revealed Subathon 2.0, the second iteration of fan-favorite content. Unlike the previous time, the new subathon had a time limit.

The streamer revealed that he would host a 50-hour continuous livestream during DreamHack in Atlanta. He raised the event's stakes by enclosing himself in a see-through glass box.

Ludwig provided details about Subathon 2.0 during a livestream on October 31 and said:

"So I came to the conclusion that I could put myself inside of a glass box. Rig it with a bunch of cameras and every time I raise a certain amount of money for charity, I will allow the stream to torture me in a variety of ways. Living out a murderous Trueman Show. David Blaine-esque. Where the more money you give, the more time I'll spend in the box and the more torture devices I will live through."

He also stated that the event was for a charitable cause, as he was raising funds for organizations such as No Kid Hungry and Alveus Sanctuary.

The subathon ended on November 21, 2022, with the YouTuber raising more than $300,000. Before the special event wrapped up, Ludwig announced he would get a tattoo of his kitten Coots and the Twitch logo. He stated:

"But we're done, and to make it fair, I will get a tattoo that includes both Coots and a small Twitch logo. Small Twitch logo, that's fair. We'll make it cute. Maybe Coots looking at Twitch logo. Or taking a s**t on one, we'll see. I'll keep it respectful."

2) Mogul Money Live


Ludwig announced earlier this year that his immensely popular game show, Mogul Money, would be coming to an end. He decided to cap off the series on a high note by hosting an in-person version called Mogul Money Live.

The event premiered on July 2, 2022, and several prominent personalities participated, including Imane "Pokimane," Felix "xQc," Thomas "Sykkuno," Johnathan "Jschlatt," and Connor "ConnorEatsPants," among others.

A few months later, Ahgren appeared on The Yard podcast, during which he revealed that he incurred a loss of $150,000 on the game show.

3) Ludwig gets swatted on livestream


While hosting a chess tournament on August 29, 2022, Ludwig had to leave his streaming room abruptly. It was then observed that police officers were inside his room scouting the area.

On the same day, the 27-year-old provided an in-depth account of the harrowing situation. Ahgren stated that he noticed the term "swatting" being mentioned in the YouTube Gaming chat and said:

"Funny enough, I saw in chat while I was live, somebody say, 'Swatting.' They had like, a name that was made up with Thai characters. Like, the language that they use in Thailand, and I saw that, and I was like, 'That's weird.' And then it happened."

4) Other notable events and moments

Another memorable event occurred on September 12 when the streamer wanted to see how quickly he would be suspended from the Google-owned livestreaming platform.

He chose to watch heavily copyrighted content, such as music videos by Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK.

When Ludwig realized YouTube's automated detection system was not striking him, he began watching a Premier League clip while also playing Naruto's iconic theme song in the background.

As a result, he was copyright struck on YouTube, live on stream. He successfully broke the "world record for the fastest ban on YouTube":

Ludwig also hosted the "biggest Fortnite event of all time," which featured MoistCr1TiKaL, Nmplol, xQc, Pokimane, Valkyrae, PointCrow, QTCinderella, and many more professional gamers and content creators.

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