Call of Duty Warzone: How to earn XP using Kong's nether in Operation Monarch

Kong in Operation Monarch (Image via Activision)
Kong in Operation Monarch (Image via Activision)
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Call of Duty Warzone's "Operation Monarch" is live right now. With nearly four days left of the biggest crossover in the game's history, players have found a hilarious method to gain XP during the event.

With this collaboration, Activision has made a much bigger leap into the world of pop culture. To set the stage for the King of the Skull Island and the King of the Monsters, the primary battle royale map needed a massive overhaul.

Previously, the game has had other crossovers such as popular Japanese manga/anime series Attack on Titan, Die Hard, and more.


"Operation Monarch" has brought two of the biggest Titans from the silver screen to the pacific island of Caldera. While Kong and Godzilla wreak havoc on the island, the event has received mixed reactions from the community.

However, while playing the event, fans have found a way to exploit the game and gain some free XPs while doing so.

How to earn XP in Warzone's Operation Monarch using Kong's nether

During the event, Kong leaps and jumps all over the island. His attacks are mostly a huge pound on the ground while throwing big boulders all around the place. Both attacks can be very lethal on open ground.

A Redditor named Mundoschristmas posted a video showing that if someone tasks a helicopter and reaches Kong's nether regions, then the Helicopters' blades will tickle the monster.


While the anatomy of the giant gorilla is not perfect in the game, players have enough space to hover in that position and not die. In doing so, players can earn a lot of XP points. However, the glitch is not applicable all the time - the moment Kong does his stomp, the helicopter will get blown away, immediately killing the players.

Although the method seems ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, experience points in Warzone are a very important part of the game. Players grind for hours to receive a decent amount of points. This method can help them get some easy XP loot.


In-game experience points in Warzone help players rank progression and level up their guns. While Warzone has a plethora of guns in its inventory, maximizing the weapons is an important task for regular players. As there is a constant shift in Warzone metas, players need to maximize most of their guns so that they can use them effectively in-game.

The video on Reddit was banished to the NSFW section immediately after its release. The moderators of r/CODWARZONE have now removed the video. However, this was one of the funniest and tricks to farm XPs in the game's history.

The Operation Monarch event will be available until May 25.

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