Call of Duty Warzone Operation Monarch event: All challenges, rewards, and more

Warzone’s upcoming event, “Operation Monarch”, is probably going to be the biggest crossover in Call of Duty history (Image via Activision)
Warzone’s upcoming event, “Operation Monarch”, is probably going to be the biggest crossover in Call of Duty history (Image via Activision)

Warzone's upcoming event, "Operation Monarch", will probably be the biggest crossover in Call of Duty history. While fans get impatient until the event drops, Call of Duty releases all the challenges and rewards for the much-awaited event.

The two Titans from the prehistoric era are all set to arrive on the pacific island of Caldera. No one knows why these two iconic monsters from the monster verse are enraged and attacking the island.

To reveal the secret behind all this chaos, players need to make the initial drop into Warzone during the event.


Legendary’s Director of Interactive Media, Sam Rappaport, said:

“Neither Kong nor Godzilla are villains…The Monsterverse has ‘Protector’ and ‘Destroyer’ Titans, each with a biological imperative to battle for dominance. While we do see these ancient rivals go toe-to-toe in Godzilla vs. Kong, both are considered ‘Protector’ Titans. However, when provoked by other Titans or humans, there is no stopping their rage.”

All the challenges and rewards in the Operation Monarch event in Warzone

The ultimate goal of every squad will be similar to a normal battle royale, the last team standing. The only difference, however, would be the two enraged Titans and their devastating power. Players will also have the ability to control them via a S.C.R.E.A.M device in Warzone.

During this mode, players need to survive a battle royale against Godzilla and Kong. The mode is tied directly to the limited time event of Operation Monarch.

The limited-time event of Operation Monarch consists of eight challenges. The final reward for completing all the challenges in the event is a special “Ancient Rivalry” Marksman Rifle Blueprint in Warzone.

Secure the S.C.R.E.A.M. device in Operation Monarch playlist to control Godzilla or Kong. In Operation Monarch, the S.C.R.E.A.M. Device is a Killstreak that grants its user one of two powers: Godzilla’s Heat Ray Breath or Kong’s ground pound and a rock throw. #Warzone

Here are all eight challenges and their rewards:

  • Play Operation Monarch for 6 Hours: Reward — Epic “Ancestral Skull” Charm
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak Once: Reward — Rare “Ancient Remains” Charm
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak Three Times: Reward — Rare “Monarch Eyes Only” Charm
  • Deal 500,000 damage to Titans: Reward — Rare “Concrete Jungle” Sticker
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Kong in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward — Legendary “Team Godzilla” Emblem
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Godzilla in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward — Legendary “Team Kong” Emblem
  • Collect 3,000 Monarch Intel: Reward — Epic “Skyline Crasher” Calling Card
  • Place in the Top 15 twelve times in the Operation Monarch Limited-Time Mode: Reward — Epic “One Will Fall” Spray

Players will also receive additional rewards for participating in the event and facing the Titans off gallantly. These rewards include Charms, Calling Cards, and Player Titles.

Activision also teased about some secret rewards that Operation Monarch offers to the brave soldiers. However, there are no specific details about them. Players need to find that out by playing the mode recklessly.

The event is set to go live on May 11 at 9 AM PT.

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