Warzone's upcoming Operation Monarch details leaked: Event details, release date, and more

"Operation Monarch" is all set to arrive on March 11 (image via Activision)
"Operation Monarch" is all set to arrive on March 11 (image via Activision)
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Call of Duty Warzone season 3 is live right now. With this ’monstrous' season's main event on the horizon, fans are clamoring evermore.

Warzone’s collaboration event with ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is all set to go live on May 11. Since the start of season 3, players have seen glimpses and hints of the "Operation Monarch" event on the pacific island of Caldera.


The giant gorilla from the prehistoric era and the king of the monsters are ready to arrive in Warzone. While the event will start on May 11, fans are wondering how this iconic event is going to be in Warzone. We have all the gameplay details and here is everything known so far.

All details about the "Operation Monarch" event in Warzone

If fans are apprehensive about whether the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone event is similar to the ‘Krampus’ event, they need not worry. The traditional battle royale experience will be spared from the rampage of the two titans. The "Operation Monarch" will be a completely separate mode, which will be available for a very limited time.


1) 60 players battle royale

The mode will be available for two weeks after its release and players were concerned about how this mode was going to turn out.

Previously, in the "Krampus" event, the mode got so obnoxious that players stopped playing battle royale until the event was removed. However, in ’Operation Monarch,' the event will be a completely different mode with 60 players landing on Caldera and the rules will be the same as normal battle royales in Warzone.

2) Resurgence

Operation Monarch event in Warzone (image via Activision)
Operation Monarch event in Warzone (image via Activision)

Presumably, the "Operation Monarch" is going to be a "resurgence" mode where all the players will have the ability to return to the game after dying if their teammates stay alive for a certain time.

3) Power Grab

A power grab meter will be placed on the right side of the screen during the event and will determine players’ scores. Players can gain points by collecting ‘monarch intel.’

Players can get monarch intel by grabbing loot, killing enemies, and all the other activities which earn scores in Warzone. Further, as the meter goes up, players will be stronger in the game. Players will get a speed boost and maximized armor becoming super soldiers to fight the great titans.

4) The goal of the event

The primary goal of the event will be to push Kong and Godzilla back. The event will allow players to have access to heavy weapon drops and vehicle drops. The event can get chaotic when more players try to access the same drops. The core of the game is still battle royale and eventually, the last team standing will win the event.

5) Monarch S.C.R.E.A..M device

S.C.R.E.A.M device in Operation Monarch (image via Activision)
S.C.R.E.A.M device in Operation Monarch (image via Activision)

The top squad that will push the Titans back will achieve a S.C.R.E.A.M device. This device will allow them to control the Titans in-game. According to some leakers, this mode is crazy and will probably be the most fun to play.

The device can also be obtained by upgrading the power meter to 100%. To get the power meter up quickly, players can grab the monarch intel drops.

6) Godzilla and Kong’s ability

Godzilla's Heat ray in "Operation Monarch" (image via Activision)
Godzilla's Heat ray in "Operation Monarch" (image via Activision)

While players will have the ability to control the Titans, the two Titans will be massive game-changers and will have a huge impact on the event.

Players can choose where Kong will pound on the ground, and the damage radius is pretty large. If any opposing player gets caught in the radius, they’ll get knocked down instantly. Godzilla will produce a heat ray, whoever gets caught in the middle of it, there is no coming back.

The release date of this iconic event is May 11 and the event will go live at 9 am PT.

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