Cheapest 90-rated players in FIFA 23 (May 2023)

These cards are cheap and high-rated (Images via EA Sports)
These cards are cheap and high-rated (Images via EA Sports)

Team of the Season is in full flow in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and players' demand for SBC fodder is higher than ever so they can complete various SBCs. Fortunately, there is also an influx of high-rated special cards during the event that lowers the price of fodder versions, making them more obtainable than ever before in the game cycle.

Team of the Season is a unique promo in Ultimate Team as it lasts well over a month and introduces a plethora of high-rated special cards. It rewards the best footballers in the world for their consistent performances over the season. Some of these TOTS versions are released as SBCs and their overpowered nature is reflected in their price as well.

Note: This article is based on current market values. Prices can change over time.

These 90-rated players are cheap and overpowered in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

When it comes to cheap high-rated players in FIFA 23, there is a distinction between the players that are viable on the virtual pitch and those who are only useful due to their overall rating for submission in SBCs. With Team of the Season underway, there are far more examples of the former, especially with TOTS cards from minor leagues being rather cheap despite being overpowered.

These 90-rated cheap beasts are overpowered in FIFA 23


With the ever-evolving meta of the game reaching new heights during TOTS, previously viable cards go down in price due to competition from newer versions. This is an excellent scenario for players looking to purchase usable footballers to add to their FUT squads on a modest budget, including the likes of:

  • Virgil van Dijk (Gold)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Gold)
  • Mohammed Salah (Gold)
  • Marcelo Brozovic (Path to Glory)
  • Erik Lamela (Road to the Final)
  • Milan Skriniar (Fantasy FUT)
  • Oscar de Marcos (Fantasy FUT)
  • Marcos Acuna (Team of the Week)
  • Mats Hummes (FUT Birthday)
  • Mohammed Kudus (Team of the Season)
  • James Tavernier (Team of the Season)
  • David de Gea (Team of the Season)
  • Aaron Ramsdale (Team of the Season)

Not only does this player pool include newly-released TOTS versions, but other promos like Fantasy FUT and FUT Birthday are included as well. This is a testament to how many incredible promos FIFA 23 has had so far.

These 90-rated players are only useful in SBCs in FIFA 23


Despite possessing impressive overall ratings, there are several cards in FUT that are relegated to fodder status in-game, either due to their undesirable stats or because of the availability of superior alternatives. However, these footballers still retain some value due to their utility in SBCs. The player pool includes:

  • Thibaut Courtois (Gold)
  • Manuel Neuer (Gold)
  • Thomas Muller (Road to the Knockouts)
  • Casemiro (Team of the Week)
  • Dani Olmo (Domestic Man of the Match)
  • Vangelis Pavlidis (Team of the Season)
  • Romelu Lukaku (Team of the Week)

With players like Kai Havertz and Allan Saint-Maximin now being available via SBCs, these cards are in great demand due to their high overall rating in FIFA 23.

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