What are the new factions in DMZ mode of Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 DMZ mode all factions (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 DMZ mode all factions (Image via Activision)

Activision globally released its latest battle royale title, Warzone 2, on November 16. The new game came out shortly after Call of Duty's front-running Modern Warfare 2 was released a few weeks prior and set social media abuzz with chatter following the launch's success.

A new survival mode has been introduced alongside Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. It aims to provide a proper sandbox experience that enables players to explore the new map Al Mazrah from a different perspective. This mode provides players with a set of objectives to wrap up before the call-in for extraction.

These missions are different and can be completed with various approaches. This can help seamlessly create a new playstyle that is applied in other multiplayer game modes.

Warzone 2 DMZ mode - Understanding factions


DMZ, short for De-Militarized Zone, in Call of Duty is based on Escape From Tarkov. It's rebooted for Warzone 2's Al Mazrah, which is currently the only map in the game. The missions in the DMZ mode are given out by some of the factions that develop the lore as they compete in a constant battle for dominance.

There are three factions providing missions to players. Each has unique storylines that may develop later. Their ultimate goal is to gain total control over the region and rule over the land.


The information provided here is based on disclosures by the developers.


It is a private military group of contractors with ambiguous ties to Western powers. They are the first faction a player can accept missions from. The group is desperate to gain a foothold in the global conflict while operating under the radar.

Those who join the Legion have their existence erased due to confidentiality. Those who hire their services enjoy plausible deniability in what would otherwise be considered acts of war.

White Lotus


White Lotus used Al Mazrah's abundance of natural resources to aid its benefactors, who are responsible for the rapid expansion of public infrastructure projects inside and outside its borders. However, interventions from Al Qatala and other forces in play have significantly weakened their control over the region.

While completing missions for the White Lotus, players may eventually take up assignments to retake their original operations base or headquarters. This could lead to a complete re-establishment of the control they once had over the DMZ.

Black Mous


The third faction becomes relevant only after players complete several missions for the Legion and White Lotus. They will then learn more about the factions and their relationship with one another. Black Mous is an anonymous, decentralized group with a hidden presence over the DMZ.

The group operates on three fundamental tenets: do not talk about the Black Mous, do not reveal your identity, and do not attack the defenseless. They do not have any known leadership positions. They target objectives that include espionage and cyberwarfare with the help of technology found in the DMZ. They stay in the shadows and constantly study their opponents' every move.

This is everything known about the DMZ factions so far. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda, as we will closely follow all the stories around Warzone 2 and DMZ mode with regular updates.

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