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CS:GO: Hecz reacts to Forsaken cheating incident after 16 months

Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 11 Oct 2020, 23:38 IST

The new life Valorant has breathed into the Indian gaming scene is perhaps a revolution of in and of itself. After the recent decline of PUBG mobile, Indian gamers were finding themselves in a tough spot. Although, globally, India's name was already besmirched thanks to the actions of one reckless player. Hector H3CZ" Rodriguez finally broke his silence over one of the most notorious events in CS:GO history. 

It is important to note that it has been over a year since this issue took place. However, the impact of Forsaken cheating is still reverberating throughout the Indian gaming community. Professional CS:GO scene in India was radically compromised after one misstep. 

Ever since then, the gaming scene in India was looked down upon, especially with CS:GO pros. However, that did not mean that there was a lack of talent. It only meant that the actions of one person became the judging point of an entire nation. 

Hector Rodriguez finally comments on OpTic India CS:GO cheater Forsaken

As a veteran and authority over esports, Hector Rodriguez critically spoke about the incident in a somewhat frustrated manner. It is clear that OpTic Gaming had big plans with India and Indian gamers, and suddenly all those plans came to a grinding halt. It is also necessary to note that HECZ did mention that they are looking forward to future opportunities. That being said, Valorant is one of the games that is creating some hype now in the South Asian region and especially in India. 

Hector Rodriguez said on a podcast, "When we went and scouted in India, and obviously it turned out into a shit show because of that *ing cheater Forsaken, or whatever his name is, to put on that brand and to f****ng do that like he is lucky that I wasn't fu****g there." This was his first official statement since the event took place over a year and a half ago.

Nevertheless, the gaming scene in India has evolved past that. It has been for quite some time now that the Indian gaming scene has been making some noise in the South Asia region. However, it is brilliant to see how cheating is frowned upon and how India is still a potential region for gaming conglomerates.


HECZ also mentioned how rules are different in India. "In India, rules are different there, same thing if we were in Mexico. I'd approach them a different way in a situation like that." It shows that HECZ definitely has future plans with the Indian gaming scene, and perhaps it will be Valorant this time. 

Teams like Velocity Gaming making the country proud with their skills in Valorant

On the other hand, Velocity Gaming is one team that has been making the country proud throughout the Valorant esports scene. Velocity Gaming became the first Indian team to enter Valorant Asia's top 10 rankings.

They have successfully racked up almost all the major tournaments in India and stand as undisputed Valorant champions at the moment. The essence of Valorant is hidden in its anti-cheat system, which is one of the reasons it is prospering in India.

In his video, Jake Lucky mentions how the notorious incident shook the gaming world, especially one which was about to bloom in South Asia. The lack of a PUBG mobile scene definitely presented the opportunity for organizations like Sentinels to focus on Valorant. In that aspect, the gaming scene is finding new life in Valorant. 


To consider the performance of Velocity Gaming alone in the AORUS India Valorant South Asia and the recent Skyesports Championship 2.0, it proves that India has a huge market for Valorant. This will assuredly attract several global gaming organizations to go forward with their competitive talent hunt in India. 

HECZ mentions, "I'll tell you what, that was a missed opportunity, because we had an opportunity to truly create an awesome program...but I think that opportunity will present itself at some point or another." Jake Lucky talked about how that missed opportunity has been a bit of a setback for the community. 

Indeed it was a massive blow, but now that has diffused into the raging embers of an upcoming Valorant community. Nevertheless, it is true that this is always going to be a part of history, which makes it so much better for teams like Velocity Gaming. With other teams like Noble Esports and Global Esports swiftly on their trail, they will have the opportunity to right the wrong Forsaken did with CS:GO, but with a new and on-demand game like Valorant.

Published 11 Oct 2020, 21:14 IST
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