Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall guide (April 5 to 12): The Scarlet Keep 

The Scarlet Keep Nightfall (Image via Bungie)
The Scarlet Keep Nightfall (Image via Bungie)
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The Scarlet Keep Strike in Destiny 2 was introduced with Year 3 when Shadowkeep came alongside Season of the Undying. Players had to delve into the Moon's darkest secret to face Crota and Omnigul's daughter, Hashladun, inside her castle.

Whispers have reached Eris Morn.A new threat lurks beneath the Scarlet Keep.

However, similar to how other investigations are going with Hive, The Scarlet Keep is one of the toughest Strikes in Destiny 2 right now. Pairing it with modifiers makes it even more challenging.

The following article will break down the best builds, weapons, and exotics to help finish The Scarlet Keep Grandmaster Nightfall in Season 16.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Tips on completing Destiny 2 The Scarlet Keep Nightfall on Grandmaster (April 5 to 12)

1) Enemies and Modifiers

The Scarlet Keep encounter (Image via Destiny 2)
The Scarlet Keep encounter (Image via Destiny 2)

Before starting with each room and encounter, it's best to get familiar with the nature of each enemy and modifier. The Champions that you are most likely to face here are the Unstoppable Ogres and Barrier Knights. Elemental Shields will mostly be Solar and Arc as there aren't any Void Shields on Hive enemies.

While Bungie did mention in their previous TWAB that they will be removing the "Acute Arc Burn," the modifier is still there in the Grandmaster. It increases the output of all Arc damage from players by 15% and incoming Arc damage by 50%.

This applies to Wizards, so be careful while facing Solar Shields and the final boss, as both of these enemy types can deduct your health by 75% with just one hit.

2) Builds and weapons

Osimomancy Gloves (Image via Destiny 2)
Osimomancy Gloves (Image via Destiny 2)

Exotic weapons such as Arbalest and Eriana's Vow will be the best option to go with as both these weapons will be able to shut down Barrier Champions and Solar Shields quite easily. Gjallarhorn and Lucent Finishers are viable options, too, as applying finishers to Champion enemies will grant Heavy bricks. This can be stacked with Aeon Gauntlets as well.

Titans can run Ursa Furiosa or Heart of Inmost Light, while Warlocks should run Osimomancy at all times. The Scarlet Keep is brimming with trash mobs and acolytes, so a double Bleakwatcher will be necessary to keep them in place.

Hunters have many options to go for, but Renewal Grasps and Omnioculus are the ones that will provide everyone in the fireteam with survivability. Aeon Gauntlets can be a great option as well since being invisible grants Hunters easy finishers to Champions with Lucent Finishers.

3) Tips to make encounters easier

The Scarlet Keep boss room (Image via Destiny 2)
The Scarlet Keep boss room (Image via Destiny 2)

Similar to other Grandmasters in the game, The Scarlet Keep also has a few cheese spots that you can use to make things less tough.

Once you have killed the two Solar Wizards in the boss room, Hashladun's gate will open. Go through the gate from where the boss came from and get on both sides on top of the gate. Do not fall here, as doing so will spawn you into the main arena, where it will be near impossible to revive.

In the elevator, a Titan with Ursa Furiosa will be the best option for dealing with the Acolytes. This will refund almost all Super Energy for Sentinel Shields in all phases.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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