How to complete the Defenses Down challenge in Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple 

The Exhibition encounter, the last room (Image via Destiny 2)
The Exhibition encounter, the last room (Image via Destiny 2)

The Exhibition in Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple is the third major encounter, where every corner of a room can test a player's patience and coordination. The main encounter requires all six members to pick one of the three relics and callout signs from the glyphkeepers in the rooms.

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Once a member has picked up one relic in a room, that player won't be able to pick up any relics for the next one and a half minutes. The Vow of the Disciple challenge this week is bound to the Seed relic that is required to defeat the Knights.

A player from your fireteam has to defeat a Knight with a Seed relic only once. Defeating a Knight for a second time will lead to the challenge being failed. The following article will break down the process of how to crack this challenge with ease.

"Defenses Down" challenge guide for Destiny 2 raid Vow of the Disciple

1) The Challenge

Exhibition encounter (Image via Bungie)
Exhibition encounter (Image via Bungie)

The usual routine here is to pick up relics and run through the encounter. The relics and their uses are as follows:

  • The Darkness Seed relic is used to defeat Taken Knights and extend the timer.
  • The Vex relic is used to cleanse all fireteam members and give out the calls of glyphs from glyphkeepers.
  • The Taken relic is used to cleanse the Taken ball which keeps enemies immune to damage.

The Defenses Down challenge in Destiny 2 requires a Seed relic in all the rooms. To complete this challenge, a player needs to defeat only one Taken Knight with the Darkness Seed throughout the entire encounter. There are a total of seven Knights in Exhibition, with one at the beginning, and two in the next three rooms.

The challenge will fail if a player kills more than one Knight with the Darkness Seed relic.

2) How to execute

Seed relic view (Image via Destiny 2)
Seed relic view (Image via Destiny 2)

As mentioned before, there will be a total of seven Taken Knights in all three rooms. If you have picked up the Seed relic first, defeat the Knight and your job for the challenge will be done. If you kill another Knight with a relic in the remaining encounter, the challenge will fail.

After the first Knight, skip one Knight in each room for the next three rooms. It is best to coordinate with your fireteam and keep rotating the relics.

To make things easier, keep the first Knight in the second room alive for as long as possible. This will help extend the timer when you're in the next two rooms.

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