This Destiny 2 build can easily solo one-phase Grasp of Avarice bosses

The Mid-tree Sunbreaker for Titan (Image via Destiny 2)
The Mid-tree Sunbreaker for Titan (Image via Destiny 2)

One-phasing bosses in Destiny 2 is easier said than done. To achieve this feat, users must build their respective characters in such a way that it works with the ongoing game's sandbox.

Since Beyond Light's release, the community has gotten to see a lot of new additions that can change the look of a subclass.

The 'build' in question here is the mid-tree Sunbreaker of the Titan class. Introduced with Destiny 2 Year 2 Forsaken expansion, Code of the Devastator is a subclass that falls into a completely different category.

From throwing hammers to self-healing, it is the ideal subclass for solo high-tier activities.


Naturally, Destiny 2 players did not shy away from using this build against the Grasp of Avarice bosses. In addition, they even ended up defeating them in just a single phase.

Titan mid-tree Sunbreaker is ideal for one-phasing bosses in Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice

Since the release of Beyond Light, the Titans have gained significance within Destiny 2 PvE. Formerly known for its support, Guardians can now look beyond just the buffs and de-buffs that a Titan can inflict and turn into a more DPS approach that very much suits a brawler.


Aside from Ward of Dawn and Sentinel Shields, the Titans can now go into high-tier PvE activities alongside powerhouse builds like Cuirass Thundercrash or mid-tree Hammer throw.

While the former doesn't necessarily come with healing, picking up a hammer does provide the host with 10 seconds of health recovery, which can be further tweaked with mods and Exotics.

The Tireless Warrior healing buff (Image via Destiny 2)
The Tireless Warrior healing buff (Image via Destiny 2)

The Hammer-throw Titan in Destiny 2 can be built around a lot of mods and artifacts, but pairing it with elemental wells seems to be working best against bosses. Exotics can either be a Hallowfire Heart chest piece or a Synthoceps gauntlet. The main trick, however, comes with a few seasonal mods.

The Guardian will need two seasonal mods from Season 15 to make this work. One is the Thermoclastic Blooming for gauntlets, and the other is the Thermoclastic Strike for the class item.

Players can pair these up with elemental well mods such as Seeking Wells for arc armor, Melee Wellmaker, and Well of Life.

Seasonal mods in Wayfinder's Compass (Image via Destiny 2)
Seasonal mods in Wayfinder's Compass (Image via Destiny 2)

In terms of weapons, getting the Exotic heavy shotgun, Tractor Cannon, is compulsory. Guardians can pair it up with another shotgun containing a One-Two Punch perk for added damage.

The process during the damage phase is simple. Destiny 2 gamers need to get up on the boss's face to land a shot of Tractor Cannon, followed by the Hammers.

Since healing can't be triggered just by landing a Hammer, Guardians can defeat any additional enemies during this stage. This will initiate the healing process, and players can start dealing damage to the boss again.

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