Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall guide (August 3rd-10th): The Glassway

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall strike (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall strike (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 will have another busy week in Season 14 with a wave of Champions and Elites. After months of non-stop Solstice grinding, Guardians finally have some breathing space with the end of the annual event on a weekly reset. However, with the new Grandmaster Nightfall this week, everyone will be on their toes for a new Nightfall weapon and any unfinished seasonal challenge.

The Glassway is said to be the toughest nightfall on the entire strike roster of Destiny 2. What makes this particular strike so tough is the mixture of additional enemies, Vex Wyverns and Champion Bosses. Pairing them all with harsh Grandmaster modifiers and a gigantic number of mobs, the Guardians have the toughest PvE fight ahead of them.

The Glassway Nightfall Grandmaster guide in Destiny 2 (August 3rd-10th)

1) Modifiers and Enemies

As usual, this week's Grandmaster Nightfall comes with a set of old and new modifiers. They are:

  • Arach-Nol where Fallen Vandals drop a web mine on their feet while getting defeated.
  • Match Game which reduces Guardian's damage against unmatched elemental shields.
  • Locked Loadouts and Extinguish.
  • Limited Revives
  • Belmon's Algorithm deals increased void and aerial damage to Guardians.

With the two enemy factions of Fallen and the Vex, Guardians will also have to look out for two kinds of Champion bosses throughout the run, namely Overload Champions and Barrier Champions.

Destiny 2 Barrier Champion (Image via Kawffee)
Destiny 2 Barrier Champion (Image via Kawffee)

Despite facing the Vex, there will be no enemies with void elemental shields, so Guardians can take their time and choose their weapons carefully with Overload and Anti-Barrier builds.

2) Builds, Class, and Weapons

The Glassway was introduced with the Year 4 expansion, Beyond Light, and is one of the rarest strikes where Guardians can easily reach the 100k mark after only running it at the 1280 Power Level. This explains the exact density and volume of the number of enemies that get put in this particular strike.

The best fireteam roster for this strike in Grandmaster Difficulty is one Warlock with arc subclass and Chaos Reach along with Verity's Bow exotic helmet. This armor piece provides the wearer and the rest of the fireteam with an increased amount of grenade regeneration.

Destiny 2 Warlock Stasis subclass (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Warlock Stasis subclass (Image via Bungie)

Another Warlock can equip the Bleakwatcher Aspect along with the Aeon Gauntlets to provide the fireteam with ammunition. The third Guardian can run with either a shield Titan, a healing Warlock, or an invisible tether-Hunter.

The arc energy hand cannon, Posterity, is a great choice for this strike as it can clear smaller enemies along with eliminating arc shields. Witherhoard is also a great choice in terms of exotic weapons to deal damage to the main boss and Champion Elites.

Destiny 2 hand cannon, Posterity (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 hand cannon, Posterity (Image via Bungie)

To deal with solar enemies in Destiny 2: Glassway, Guardians can run the solar scout rifle "Trustee" along with the Ignition Code grenade launcher in the kinetic slot and the arc-heavy grenade launcher, Anarchy, in the power slot. Witherhoard builds can be paired with arc hand cannon "Posterity" and solar rocket launcher "Hezen Vengeance" as well.

Guardians using Witherhoards can also go for the "Whisper of Rending" fragment to deal additional damage to enemies with kinetic weapons.

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