Destiny 2 leaks suggest that the upcoming subclass might be called 'Strand'

The new Darkness subclass might be known as Strand (Image via Bungie)
The new Darkness subclass might be known as Strand (Image via Bungie)

It has certainly been a while since Destiny 2 received a new subclass. In fact, the last time a new subclass was added to the game was back in 2020 when Beyond Light was released. As confirmed by Bungie, the upcoming Lightfall expansion will introduce a new Darkness subclass.

Recent leaks suggest that the new subclass will be known as Strand. Initially, it was believed that this would be some sort of poison-based subclass, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The upcoming subclass in Destiny 2 could be known as Strand

As mentioned before, the upcoming Darkness subclass in Destiny 2 will possibly be called 'Strand'. Previously, it was speculated that this subclass would be known as either 'The Strand' or just 'Strand', and this latest leak seems to be solidifying that claim.

Although poison could be one of the debuffs associated with this subclass, it won't necessarily be a governing factor. This information is also based on a pastebin leak that was seen doing the rounds a few weeks ago.

The information about the name of the subclass comes from an individual known as Josh Hunt on Twitter. He recovered the information from what seems to be a website related to the upcoming Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion. In fact, there is even a header there titled 'Strand' and is believed to be a group of files.

While this isn't enough evidence to prove that Strand is indeed the name of the upcoming new subclass, when compared to the other names on the list, the chances of this header being related to the upcoming Darkness subclass are rather high.

Interestingly, not much is currently known about this subclass. Earlier leaks had hinted that the subclass would revolve around traversal and could have a feature allowing Guardians to summon objects.


Bungie has an upcoming showcase on August 23, which happens to be a Tuesday. The showcase is expected to reveal new details about the already hyped-up Destiny 2 Season 18 and the Lightfall expansion.

With regards to lore, Lightfall could be dealing with an attack on The Traveler by The Witness. It's unclear what this might lead to, but given that The Traveler is the source of Light for every Guardian, there's a chance that the Vanguard might lose their Light once again. Guardians would then have to rely on the new Darkness subclass in order to restore the Light.


For now, everything mentioned here is nothing more than speculation. While there aren't many leaks when it comes to Destiny 2, data miners have generally been quite accurate whenever they have leaked details such as this. Either way, readers are advised to take the information provided by these leaks with a pinch of salt. With the Bungie showcase scheduled to take place in just a few days, the authenticity of these leaks will officially be verified then.

Given that there's very little time remaining in the Season of the Haunted, Guardians need to start wrapping up all their pending missions and collect all the rewards from the Season Pass before the next season arrives.