Destiny 2 Season 19 Exotic buffs, intrinsic perk changes, and more

A lot of new changes will be coming to the Exotic meta in Destiny 2 Season 19 (Image via Bungie)
A lot of new changes will be coming to the Exotic meta in Destiny 2 Season 19 (Image via Bungie)

Many Guardians prefer using specific Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 because of how they proc with every build in the game. Some of these weapons are extremely powerful and can come in handy during sticky situations.

Bungie is currently on a mission to further balance the game, at least in terms of the weapons. After a long and heated debate within the community, developers finally announced a nerf for Divinity, a very controversial Exotic in the game. Although the community hasn't responded well to the nerf, the common sentiment is that it could have been a lot worse.

In the most recent TWAB blog post, the developers outlined some more changes to some Exotic weapons for Destiny 2 Season 19.

Which Exotics will be reworked in Destiny 2 Season 19?


As seen in the TWAB, Bungie will be reworking some of the Exotics from the existing roster. Although they had previously mentioned some of these changes, the developers will finally be implementing them in Season 19.

The following weapons will be receiving a rework in the game:

1) Jade Rabbit

This is a high-impact Scout Rifle in Destiny 2. This weapon can hit hard and works exceptionally well thanks to the massive amount of aim assist that comes with it. The developers will be reducing the aim assist on this weapon by 20 points from Season 19.

2) Lord of the Wolves

This is yet another Exotic that heavily dominated the PvP sphere up until the time it was hit with a massive nerf. The idea was to make the weapon a viable solution for challenging PvE content. From Season 19 onwards, here are the buffs and nerfs that the weapon will receive.

  • Aim down sight (ADS) accuracy penalty reduced from 10x to 3x.
  • 25% universal base damage buff completely removed.
  • 40% additional PvE damage buff added.
  • 50% critical hit multiplier penalty removed.
  • Full auto is now an intrinsic perk.

These changes will take effect once the Release the Wolves perk is active on this weapon.

3) No Time To Explain

This is probably one of the most popular Exotics on this entire list. Guardians have used this Pulse Rifle to a great extent in the PvP playlist, and have often come out victorious when compared to using weapons from the same family in the same playlist.

Any notable nerf would create major problems in the game. After much testing, the developers have resorted to reducing the recoil direction from 90 to 73. Moreover, the aim assist on this weapon will be reduced to 40 points from 45 points.


4) Riskrunner

This is the first Exotic that newbies can get their hands on in Destiny 2. It's a powerful weapon to begin with, and by far the best one for anyone who's just starting their Destiny 2 campaign.

The perk on this weapon grants a 50% damage resistance in PvP when the Arc Superconductor perk is active. In Season 19, this damage resistance will be reduced to a meager 15% just in PvP. That said, the PvE scenario remains unaffected.

All of these changes will be implemented next season. Till then, Guardians can prepare for the Festival of the Lost, which is scheduled to begin on October 18 in Destiny 2.

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