Destiny 2: How good is Wish-Ender right now? (2022)

Wish Ender Exotic Bow (Image via Bungie)
Wish Ender Exotic Bow (Image via Bungie)

Wish-Ender is one of the oldest Exotics in Destiny 2, which was introduced in Year 2 of the game. Since being buffed and nerfed over a short period, this Exotic Bow has gone under the radar for over three years since its release. However, there are other valid reasons why that was the case.

Wish-Ender is a Kinetic weapon that doesn’t have anything special to offer, considering how it took one Exotic slot in the inventory. Many of the weapons overshadowed it at the same time, which included Arbalest, Izanagi's Burden, and even the Malfeasance.

Me: I wished Wish-Ender gets a catalyst for damage buff and anti-barrier.Bungie: Gives anti-barrier and damage buff without needing catalyst.Me: BUNGEE 😳🥺

However, in the most recent patch of Season of Plunder, Wish-Ender got a significant buff in its damage, intrinsic perks, and other features. The following article will break down the current features of the Kinetic Exotic Bow, and see if it's any good right now.

The comeback story of Wish-Ender in Destiny 2 and how it's a great weapon right now (2022)

1) Why was Wish-Ender bad in Destiny 2 Years 2 to 4?

Wish-Ender was deemed a very underwhelming weapon, considering the amount of time and effort it took for players to get it. While the weapon did become an unfortunate victim of "power creep" with time, it still missed a lot of things players expected from an Exotic weapon.


To start, let's talk about the things that the weapon did offer but didn't work. The Intrinsic Perk Queen's Wrath, which is available even today, grants a wall hack after fully drawing an arrow. While this is unique to a certain extent, it was nothing game-changing.

Not to mention, players in PvP had to load up another arrow to kill an opposing Guardian. While the user did get a vision on their opponents, getting a kill needed a lot of work, which is enough for the opposing Guardian to kill the Wish-Ender user.

Shattered Throne (Image via Destiny 2)
Shattered Throne (Image via Destiny 2)

Other issues included:

  • Absence of any Champion mods
  • Underwhelming damage to enemies
  • Unnecessarily long Charge Time
  • Slow Handling
  • Couldn't hold any mods.
  • Lowest headshot damage in PvP.
  • Lowest aim-assist than Legendary weapons.
  • Took up an Exotic slot.

However, things right now in 2022 are significantly better for this weapon.

2) Changes to Wish-Ender in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

To make Wish-Ender a little more viable in the current meta, Bungie added some core changes to the weapon straight off the bat. With the launch of Season of Plunder, players could already feel that the Kinetic Exotic Bow is far better than its Year 2 counterpart.

Patch notes for Destiny 2 Update 6.2.0 are now available:… Stay tuned for updates on the status of today’s maintenance.

The changes made are as follows (according to hotfix 6.2.0):

  • Now consists of intrinsic Anti-Barrier.
  • Increased number of hits vs most targets from 2 to 3. (more against vehicles, still 2 against players).
  • Increased damage vs Champions, majors, and mini-bosses by 10%.
  • Draw Time decreased from 828ms to 820ms.

The aforementioned changes have significantly increased the damage numbers and the weapon's value PvE. Let's go over them now.

3) Drastic change in numbers on Destiny 2 enemies

With the increase in damage to mini-bosses and majors, Wish-Ender deals approximately 6000 to body and 11,000 to crit. However, since the number of hits has increased to 3, the "Broadhead" perk activates twice as well, with each exit arrow dealing approximately 11,300 damage.


With the above numbers, it has also been recorded that players can easily one-shot Barriers in Master Lost Sectors. The only Exotic that can one-shot Barriers right now is Arbalest. However, one is a Primary and the other is Special, which puts Wish-Ender at a great advantage.

The Draw Time buff also makes the weapon feel much lighter compared to before, making it much more useful in PvP as well. Hence, to conclude, Wish-Ender is one of the best Exotic Primary weapons in the game right now.

Wish-Ender Bow (Image via Destiny 2)
Wish-Ender Bow (Image via Destiny 2)

From dealing with high numbers to stunning Champions in one hit, this old-school weapon probably has the best comeback story in the game right now.

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