Which Destiny 2 DLC offers the best beginner experience?

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is the best place for New Lights to start their journey (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Beyond Light is the best place for new players to start their journey (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 is by far one of the best looter shooter games on the market today. Released back in 2017, Bungie's popular title has come a long way in terms of both gameplay and content. Despite being a hot favorite in the gaming community, the shooter has some issues.

Out of them, the new player experience is the biggest problem that beginners come across while starting the game. In essence, Destiny 2 is a free-to-play game, but there is very little content available for new players to participate in. The main fun begins through multiple DLC storylines that have been released over the years and not all of them are tailored for a good beginner experience. This article provides a quick rundown of the DLC that offers the best experience for beginners when they start the game.

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Which DLC should players buy while starting off in Destiny 2?


Quite a few DLCs have already been vaulted in the game, so technically, the new player experience that was once a part of the Red War campaign is no longer available. If players start the game for the first time now, they find themselves in the Cosmodrome and are introduced to "Void", one of the three Light subclasses in the game.

Players will then have to interact with Shaw Han at the Cosmodrome to help him find his fireteam, and that's about it. Although introductory missions aren't too long for most games, Destiny 2's current introductory mission does not offer a whole lot. And given that most of the content is locked behind a paywall, the free-to-play experience is somewhat dull as well.

Many would argue that the best DLC to purchase is the Forsaken expansion, but the main storyline content has been vaulted. Because of that, it doesn't really make sense to pay for the DLC right off the bat because new players won't venture into raids or dungeons on their very first day.

Keeping that in mind, the best idea would be to get the Shadowkeep expansion, because that is technically the starting point of the ongoing Light and Darkness saga within the game.This would give players access to the Moon and its related activities like the Altars of Sorrow.

While it does seem like a decent position lore-wise, it's not an ideal start for players looking for a steady tutorial about the game's different subclasses. The best alternative to this would be to purchase the Beyond Light DLC.


The Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC is the first DLC in the entire series to bring forth a new subclass in the game, known as Stasis. This is the best DLC to start off with as it gives new players enough time to experiment with the Stasis supers and abilities for all three classes.

Additionally, the story missions are somewhat simpler too, and by the time new players are done with the campaign, they will have gotten a hang of how subclasses work in the game. Furthermore, it offers some decent weapons as well. And once they have completed Destiny 2 Beyond Light, they can then move on to other expansions like Shadowkeep and Witch Queen, and they can even opt to pre-order Destiny 2 Lightfall.

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