Destiny 2 takes away Eager Edge skating, community not pleased

Eager Edge skating with Stasis Hunter (Image via Destiny 2)
Eager Edge skating with Stasis Hunter in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Bungie recently took away Eager Edge skating in Destiny 2. This move guarantees players can't skip most encounters. Skating has been done multiple times in the title to circumvent encounters and reload checkpoints. Players have been using this method for more than three years now, with last year's Eager Edge perk ensuring players used it even more.

Patch notes for Destiny 2 Hotfix are now available:…Stay tuned for updates on the status of server maintenance.

The removal of the method was addressed by Bungie staff, and the entire community has been pretty vocal about the change. The majority of the playerbase isn't very happy with the patch, claiming the developers have been taking the fun out of the game, while others couldn't care less.

Eager Edge nerf has sparked fire within Destiny 2 community (2022)

To go over the changes once, Bungie stated the following about its most recent Destiny 2 hotfix

"Fixed an issue where Eager Edge could be used multiple times in a single activation."

The above statement is valid for players who used to skate by triggering the Eager Edge perk multiple times. However, as tested by many within the community, the entire nerf is worse than what was initially stated. It affects not only the number of activations of the perk while in the air but also the speed at which a player is moving.


For example, if a Guardian activates skating with their subclass, Destiny 2 will not trigger the Eager Edge perk because the player is going too fast. Similar results are obtained while falling from great heights or being pushed by an enemy in PvE or PvP.

"Gain increased Sword lunge distance immediately after switching to this weapon" is the perk Eager Edge provides players. The increase in lunge mentioned here is 100%, giving players enough ground to cover after equipping the weapon. Only two weapons can roll this, which includes Half Truths and The Other Half from Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.

Bungie's community manager dmg04 posted an official statement following the nerf that said:

"Re: Enhanced Eager Edge - Team was finding numerous issues where the perk could be used to skip encounters, break mechanics, and generally cause issues with the game."

While most players were disappointed and angry at the company, it seems that the Community Manager's post confused some of them. Eager Edge was used for skating, which helped players a lot in skipping encounters and clearing puzzles.

Sure there are many different levels of feedback - that’s a different conversation.The eager edge change affects a small % of the community, but our feedback still matters. If you don’t use eager edge, good for you. For us it makes the game 10000x more fun.

Issues such as "break mechanics" and "cause issues with the game" just aren't sitting right with some players.

@A_dmg04 > Team was finding numerous issues where the perk could be used to - break mechanicsAm I tweakin' or did Enhanced Eager Edge literally not break any mechanics in the game?
Destiny sandbox checklist:-Something benefits the upper end of players: Nerf-Something benefits the lower end of players: Keep-Something requires certain button combos: Nerf-Does it make you go fast af? Nerf (probably)
??? Like why?? It was a little fun skilled tech that caused no harm…..
Why are we only finding out about the Eager Edge Nerf and Gyrfalcons fix TODAY?We had yet another low-quality TWAB last week that would have been a PERFRCT place for Bungie to announce and explain these changes.Idk it just feels like there's less communication these days πŸ˜•
How in gods name is eager edge on bungies top priority list of things to fix man like what 😭😭😭😭
@BungieHelp So glad you nerfed Eager Edge.Honestly those speedrunners were out of control.I mean, here's all of the things they Hurt by eager edge skating:-my ego cause I'm not good enough to do it-ummm-uhh-I can't think of anything else...
How bungie thinks enhanced eager edge works
September: Divinity needs to be nerfed because it trivializes the content and removes any challengeOctober: How dare you nerf Eager Edge and not allow me to skip encounters and mechanics
BUNGIE has absolutely SHOCKED players in a recent patch where they've rendered Eager Edge movement tech completely USELESS. The only fast thing left in the game right now is how quickly players are losing their trust. That or how quickly people back out of control games.πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Destiny 2 has had an eventful second half of 2022, from the Divinity drama to multiple bugs in Season of Plunder. Exotics remain disabled in the game, with weapon types getting locked out due to damage buffs. Moreover, the recent false bans followed by the shutdown of the renowned Destiny 2 site also stirred things up.

@BungieHelp fixed an issue where players were having too much fun

If someone was to deem the game's PvE to be in complete shambles, recent events have just made it worse and less enjoyable for a fraction of the community. After the Eager Edge nerf, it will be interesting to see players take a different approach against jumping puzzles and speedrunning activities.

The team has configured a potential fix for an issue where players could inadvertently die after ringing the Bell of Conquest in the Duality Dungeon.We are targeting our October 18th patch to release it, and will provide further updates here when available.

Additionally, the company has announced a potential fix inside the Duality Dungeon, where players were dying after ringing the Bell of Conquest.

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