Divinity nerf announced by Bungie for Destiny 2 Season 19 

Destiny 2 Exotic Divinity (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Exotic Divinity (Image via Bungie)

After a long-running controversy involving Destiny 2's Exotic Divinity, Bungie recently announced a nerf for the weapon in their recent blog post. The TWAB (This Week at Bungie) on October 6 features some interesting weapon changes for everyone to look forward to, alongside clarifications on FAQs.

Given the history of reactions to Saltagreppo's suggestions on the Divinity changes, it will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to the official announcement confirming the Divinity nerf.

Destiny 2 to see Divinity suffer nerf in Season 19 and other changes to Exotic catalysts

The changes mentioned in the recent TWAB explain Full-Auto perks and how Bungie will make them viable after the accessibility feature goes live. The company also uploaded a list of weapons and archetypes that will be altered in the upcoming patches.

This week at Bungie, we’re talking about some upcoming material changes, diving deep into some player-submitted questions with our Weapons Team, and addressing some misinformation floating around regarding recent account bans.

However, one change that has already caught the eye of the majority of the community is the Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity. Under the Full-Auto section about Exotic perk changes, Bungie stated the following regarding the Divinity Trace Rifle:

"Note that encounters are built around players having access to being able to weaken, as many folks have theorized. We don't believe that Divinity in its current form is actually a balance problem, i.e., it's not necessarily too strong in isolation. That said, Divinity is incredibly dominant in endgame PvE because it trivializes aiming precision weapons and has an extremely high uptime for weaken."

Going on to talk about "the most important issue," the developers said:

"The most important issue is that Divinity granting 30% weaken sucks the air out of the room for all other weaken sources (such as Tether and Tractor Cannon), and we don't want to power creep past Divinity to make them interesting."

Bungie addressed the nerf by saying:

"With this in mind, we've been looking at Divinity for a while now, and have tested a variety of changes in Season 19 over the last few months, landing on reducing Divinity's weaken from 30% to 15%."

A 15% nerf to precision damage on bosses is still very significant, especially in Destiny 2 Master Raids and Grandmaster Nightfall. Bungie feels the current weakening uptime of the Trace Rifle has taken away other options from players, such as Tractor Cannon and Tether.

The Div change was planned before the spirited debates on social media began.It's fine to give your constructive feedback to Bungie, but do not harass anyone in the community for having a different opinion.

While Divinity will still be the go-to for most players in long-range boss fights such as Oryx, Warpriest, or Sanctified Mind, gamers might want to switch to a Tractor Cannon meta against the likes of Champions, Gahlrans, and Caiatl. The Void Shotgun still weakens the target, buffing up all the outgoing damage by 30%.

This week's TWAB is a bit lengthier than the studio's most recent ones and sheds light on Destiny 2 Season 19. Amid all the discussions regarding less transparency and false bans from the company, Bungie addressed the community by acknowledging the issues and apologizing to those caught in the crossfire. That said, as mentioned earlier, the Divinity nerf will go live with Destiny 2 Season 19.

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