Diablo 4 “Character deleted/Not showing up” error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

Fixing the Diablo 4 “Character deleted/ Not showing up” error (Image via Diablo 4)
Fixing the Diablo 4 “Character deleted/ Not showing up” error (Image via Diablo 4)

With the Diablo 4 open beta access just a couple of days away, fans of the franchise will finally get to try out the new entry after its successful early access phase.

While the early access beta is filled with a plethora of content, it has an extensive number of bugs and performance issues. Shiloh system crashes, long queue times, and server disconnections are the most common issues during gameplay. However, these problems aren’t as bad as the game deleting the player's character.

The character either gets deleted or does not show up on the "character select" screen. This prevents players from selecting it and entering Sanctuary. What makes this error even more annoying is the fact that it does not have any permanent solutions, apart from a few temporary workarounds.

Hence, today’s guide goes over some of the things you can do to try and deal with the “Character deleted/ Not showing up” error in Diablo 4.

What to do to temporarily fix the Diablo 4 “Character deleted/ Not showing up” error


The “Character deleted/ Not showing up” error in Diablo 4 is primarily caused due to issues with the RPG’s servers. This is one of the reasons why there really are no permanent solutions for it.

Listed below are a few workarounds that you can try to fix the problem.

1) Check server status

Over the course of the early access beta, the Diablo 4 servers have seen a tremendous surge in traffic. This has led to severe performance issues like two-hour long queue times, disconnections, and created characters getting deleted or not appearing.

To deal with this error, you will need to check the RPG’s server status and see if they are facing massive outages. Since the game is still in its beta, it's likely that the servers will not be running optimally. You can use the Downdetector website to check the status.

Additionally, you can visit the official Diablo 4 Twitter page to see if the developers have provided an update on some of the connection-related issues that the game is facing.

If the servers are down or facing a tremendous surge, the best thing to do is to wait it out and try again when the player load is lesser.


2) Restart the game

If the servers are fine, another thing that you can do is restart Diablo 4. Irrespective of the platform that you are on, one of the best troubleshooting tips for this issue is to restart the game.

3) Submit a ticket

As a last resort, you can try to submit a ticket to Blizzard Support. The game's developers are actively helping out players with issues during the beta phase. Hence, they are likely to address the problem that you are facing with the RPG.

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