Discord screen share: How to do, features and more revealed

New screen sharing feature (Image via Discord Inc.)
New screen sharing feature (Image via Discord Inc.)

Discord is a text and voice messaging software that enables users to create large or small chat servers for gaming, social, or business groups. Most people are unaware that it also provides a complete video call and screen sharing option.

Up to nine other users on a given server can have live video chats while sharing desktops using the platform. There are no additional apps to install as this feature is embedded right into the primary Discord client.

Giving the Discord app the appropriate permissions and tapping "Start" is all it takes to get going with screen sharing. The steps to enable screen sharing on Discord are: Change video/camera settings, select the server to share the screen, choose the specific screen to share, adjust video quality and go live! Keep reading to know the detailed steps and why this is important as well.


Learn how to share a screen on Discord and why it's helpful

To begin, users must ensure that their video and audio gear is correctly configured on the app client. To start a video chat and share their screen, users can connect any compatible webcam and microphone they like.

Settings and permissions


Step 1. In the lower left-hand corner of the Discord screen, go to Settings (the cog icon directly to the right of the username).

Step 2. Select 'Voice and Video' from the App Settings menu.

Step 3. Select the video camera from the drop-down menu in the Video Settings section. To the right, users will see the option to Test Video, which will ensure that everything is working properly.

Step 4. If users are using the Discord web app instead of the independent client, they might have to activate camera access from the popup to activate the devices. Confirm access by selecting the 'Allow' option. This allows the software to connect the microphone and camera to the phone or PC to confirm that everything is functioning correctly.

Sharing screen


Users may share their screen inside a video call once everything is ready and good to go. They should then follow the steps below:

Step 1. Users must be a member of the platform's server to participate. They can invite friends or tap on the invitation link.

Step 2. Enter the server's voice channel. Text and voice channels are located on the left. Multiple channels are possible on the platform's servers. Select the voice channel to share the screen. Users will now be added to that voice channel.

Step 3. When joining, the Screen button will appear in the bottom left corner of the window. Click on it to see the pop-up menu and select the app or screen you want to stream to the server.

Step 4. Before users stream to the server, they will notice extra settings to alter once they choose an application or screen to share. Users can then choose the livestream's quality and FPS. To stream at a greater resolution and FPA, they will need Nitro subscription.

Step 5. After that, users can finally press the 'Go Live' button.


By introducing users to communities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds through a mutual interest, social networks like Discord have built online communities that make quarantine relatively bearable.

It differs from common social media sites where followers and likes are irrelevant. Everyone is valued equally, and everyone's voice can be heard and seen thanks to this new feature.

It started out as a site for gamers and has expanded into so much more. Its attempts to bring communities together are precisely what is required to offer a feeling of social contact.

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