Disney Dreamlight Valley: 5 characters that need to be added down the line

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great new life-sim for Disney fans (Image via Disney)
Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great new life-sim for Disney fans (Image via Disney)

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new game that lets players design their very own magical land populated with their favorite Disney characters. The game is quite similar in approach to Animal Crossing, with an emphasis on giving players a lot of creative freedom to make their valley look unique.

One significant difference from Nintendo’s simulation game is that instead of anthropomorphic animal villagers, players will be able to recruit various Disney Characters to come and live in their valley. At the time of writing, Disney Dreamlight Valley comprises 17 such characters from different Disney and Pixar properties.

The 17 characters are just the start, though, as Gameloft promises more upcoming characters to the game, which will be added as future updates. Currently, this includes 14 more confirmed characters coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Aside from this list, there are many more Disney characters players would like to see added to the game, so here are the top five picks that should be included in the future.

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5 characters that should be included in Disney Dreamlight Valley

1) Rapunzel

Rapunzel with Eugene in the background (Image via Disney)
Rapunzel with Eugene in the background (Image via Disney)

Rapunzel’s story is an age-old fairytale that has existed far longer than Disney as part of the Grimms Fairy Tales. The story has since been adapted by many sources and most famously by Disney into a more child-friendly version.

The most recent iteration was in the form of the animated movie, Tangled.

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While Tangled’s music does feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Rapunzel has been surprisingly left out of the game for now, along with Eugene Fitzherbert. The only character from the movie to feature in the game is Mother Gothel, the villain and child stealer who kidnaps Rapunzel as a baby.

Seeing Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley would be a treat for many fans, especially for those who see Tangled as one of their favorite Disney movies, which heralded the new age of 3D animated films.

2) Mulan

Mulan with Mushu (Image via Disney)
Mulan with Mushu (Image via Disney)

One of the most iconic yet underrated Disney princesses of all time, Mulan made her first appearance in the eponymous animated musical back in 1998. This was the first time an Eastern character led a Disney animated movie, and thus Mulan is of important cultural significance and a sign of global inclusivity.

So far, Mulan has been left out of the main game and the list of upcoming characters for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Her live-action movie in 2020 was met with a lackluster response, which is why Disney may be holding off on introducing the character so early on in the game.

Disney will likely include an iconic property sometime down the line. With several doors in Dreamlight Castle being sealed off, for now, it would be quite easy for them to have one of them lead to the land of Mulan, which is itself quite a different world and would make for a fun side adventure.

3) Milo and Kida

Milo and Kida (Image via Disney)
Milo and Kida (Image via Disney)

You might not have heard of these two if you are a Gen Z kid, but Milo and Kida are the protagonists from one of the best Disney animated movies of all time, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It is a standalone movie and has not had any other adaptations of it so far, which is what makes it so unique.

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Atlantis is a realm that is ripe for exploration and has one of the most distinct aesthetics in a Disney movie. So, the developers could include it sometime down the line. After all, a few elements from this IP are already included in the game, such as the old Ruler’s diary entries being in the language of Atlantis.

Having Milo and Kida be a part of the world of Disney Dreamlight valley would be a dream come true for many millennials and 90s kids who grew up watching Atlantis. This adventure movie is filled with mystery, intrigue, and a fair share of action, so if you have not watched it before, take this as a recommendation.

4) Hercules

Hercules (Image via Disney)
Hercules (Image via Disney)

Disney had a movie about Hercules from ancient Greece and a follow-up animated series to boot. Featuring the eponymous hero in his adventures, along with more than a handful of greek gods, Hercules is quite a popular Disney IP that deserves a place in Disney Dreamlight valley.

This demigod was one of the best protagonists from Disney during the late 90s and early 2000s. The take on the story by Disney was largely child friendly and thankfully did not include the horrors Hercules had to face in the original myths, and gave him a much-deserved happy ending.

Hercules could be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley sometime down the line, as it is too iconic a world to miss out on. Venturing into ancient Greece to ask Hercules to come live in Dreamlight Valley would be a great adventure to embark on, possibly even meeting iconic characters like Megara or Hades along the way.

5) Baymax

Baymax hugs Hiro (Image via Disney)
Baymax hugs Hiro (Image via Disney)

One of the most popular new IPs from Disney is Big Hero 6, a 2014 animated film that features a group of teens who team up to form a crime-fighting group. The movie also featured one of the most lovable characters in recent Disney history: the AI companion known as Baymax.

This IP is loosely based on a Marvel comics property. But seeing as how Disney owns Marvel, it should not be too much of a problem to include characters from Big Hero 6 in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fans of the movie and its characters have no doubt been looking forward to the day when they can hub Baymax, and they will finally be able to do that, albeit virtually, if it is present in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Also, being able to suit up like the heroes from Big Hero 6, with new in-game clothing items inspired by the movie, would be immensely cool.

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