Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to unlock Remy from Ratatouille?

Players can bring Remy the rat to their Disney Dreamlight Valley Village (Image via Gameloft)
Players can bring Remy the rat to their Disney Dreamlight Valley Village (Image via Gameloft)

Remy, the infamous rat chef from Ratatouille, is one of the earliest unlockable characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In the opening portion of the game, you'll be able to select a realm to visit and begin recruiting iconic Disney characters to live in their Village. A 5-Star restaurant's kitchen is where Remy can be located.


A handful of quests will need to be completed for Remy to leave his space and come to the Village. However, you'll need to brush up on your cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you want this rat to move in.

Unlocking Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking is the way to Remy's heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)
Cooking is the way to Remy's heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

If Remy comes to the Village, not only will he and his house have a place, but the abandoned Chezy Remy will be up and running. Here's how you can convince the rat to reside in the Village:

  • Collect 2,000 Dreamlight after Merlin mentions the Dream Castle
  • Open the Dream Castle once the Dreamlight has been collected and speak to Merlin about opening one of the doors inside
  • Remy's realm is the door to the right and can be opened for free in this part of the game, but will require 3,000 Dreamlight if one of the other starter realms is chosen
  • Search the restaurant after entering the realm to find Remy and speak to him
  • He requires assistance with dinner service as a food critic is coming to the restaurant
  • The first quest requires three sets of dishes to be cleaned, which can be found stacked in bins around the restaurant and cleaned with the Watering Can
  • Remy has multiple counters in the restaurant where ingredients can be obtained
  • Use these to find a fish and an apple to cook what he asks
  • Cooking just one fish will make Grilled Fish and then using just a single Apple will create Fruit Salad
  • This is followed by Remy requesting an entire meal to be made
  • Cook a Hearty Salad by using Tomato, Lettuce, and Zucchini from the ingredient shelves
  • A Bell Pepper Puff needs to be prepared and requires Cheese, Bell Pepper, and Eggs
  • The main course can be chosen, with the options being Pizza Margherita or Vegetable Casserole
  • Pizza Margherita is the easiest to get done, so choose that, speak to Remy, and get the recipe book for the pizza near the coffee machine
  • View the recipe book in the Inventory to see what ingredients are needed to make Pizza Margherita
  • Gather Tomato, Wheat, Cheese, and either Basil or Oregano, then place them in the cooking pot to prepare Pizza Margherita
  • The final course is dessert, which can be a Banana Pie or Apple Pie
  • Grab Wheat, Butter, and a Banana or Apple to cook one of the dessert items
  • Now, a food critic arrives, but Remy is too busy, so he needs help with the critic's order
  • Ranch Salad is the first dish and requires Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Onion, Corn and Tomato
  • Ratatouille is next and needs Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini, Onion, and either Basil or Oregano
  • Place both of the items at the service window for the critic when they are completed
  • Talk to Remy to complete the dinner service and invite him to the Village
  • Inform Remy that there is a restaurant available and he will be delighted to take over as its head chef
  • Head back to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Village and select a location for Remy's home, place it down, and pay 2,000 Star Coins for it to be constructed

Remy will now be an available NPC in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Village. From there, quests can be completed to raise his Friendship level and eventually open Chezy Remy for business.

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