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Dr. Disrespect returns; calls out Valorant, Fortnite and more

The Doc has officially returned (Image Credits:
The Doc has officially returned (Image Credits:
Modified 09 Aug 2020, 20:30 IST

Herschel Guy Beahm IV, known globally by his internet persona Dr. Disrespect, has finally returned to the streaming realm. More than half a million viewers watched in amazement as the Doc created history on YouTube with his first Livestream since his Twitch ban.

In what marks a new beginning on YouTube, Dr. Disrespect made a grand return to doing what he does best- streaming, replete with world-class product design. After a stellar intro, Dr. Disrespect did not mince words as he spoke on a variety of topics ranging from the Esports Awards to addressing his Twitch ban, while millions watched from across the globe.

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Dr. Disrespect calls out Valorant and the Esports Awards

Dr. Disrespect began by welcoming everyone to his '2 times Champions Club world' and addressed his return in trademark fashion, while also throwing shade at all his haters.

My video game realm , this is my video game domain ladies and gentlemen ...Damn, it was only a matter of time! Today we're crashing them, we're slicing them up, nobody does it're telling me you got the guts to go against me?
You've convinced yourself you're better than me...wrong, you're not even close cause I'm at the tippity top of the mountain, and I'm literally only half way up!

He states how he started out on YouTube 11 years back, and the feeling of being back is simply unmatched. He goes on to express shock at the fact that a game like Fall Guys began trending during his absence and scoffs hysterically at the very idea of playing Valorant.

Having been vocal in his dislike for the game in the past, he elaborates further and says:

No one's watching Valorant, stream numbers are at an all-time low and a new character has just been introduced to the game and what does this new character do? How the hell am I supposed to know? All I see is VFX ...Oh God, I'm getting a seizure!

Dr. Disrespect was not nominated for 'Streamer of the Year' at the Esports Awards recently. Keeping this in mind, he takes the names of the nominees and mockingly says:

No mention of Dr Disrespect.....Hey doctor, why don't you work on your stream..clearly you don't have what it takes to keep up with the big boys .

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Dr. Disrespect calls out Fortnite and mentions Shroud

Dr. Disrespect addressed the recent trend where most pros can be seen leaving Fortnite, as he shared his opinion on the same:

Everyone is leaving Fortnite, Tfue, Cloakzy, even SypherPK have all called it quits and it doesn't look like they're tuning back in anytime soon....rumors suggest people are simply getting tired of watching full grown-up adults do Fortnite dances.

He goes on to mention his good friend Shroud, who has kept social media guessing recently, with a series of cryptic tweets:

This just in...Shroud's scooter has been recovered on the side of the freeway's almost like there's been a reversal of roles of sorts as now the scooter is present but Shroud is still missing!

Reactions Online

Post Dr. Disrespect's return, which saw several callouts and also a possible hint at his own production company, several from the online community reacted to The Doc's return, which peaked at a staggering 510K viewers.

Check out some of the reactions online:

Image Credits: Youtube
Image Credits: Youtube
Image Credits: Youtube
Image Credits: Youtube

With his official return to streaming, the self-proclaimed video game God is back to dominate the digital spectrum.

You can watch the videos below which highlight his best moments from his Livestream and address his sensational return:


Published 09 Aug 2020, 20:30 IST
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