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Dream's $10,000 Minecraft challenge

Image Via Mi
Image Via Minecraft
Modified 19 Nov 2020, 02:36 IST

Dream is a fierce Minecraft speed runner and player, and he recently participated in an interesting $10,000 challenge.

Although controversy has been surrounding him for a while, he never ceases to amaze fans and new viewers alike with his Minecraft Manhunt series.

With his new video dropping today, Dream showcased his Minecraft skills by facing off against his three closest friends - George, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo, for ten thousand dollars.

In the newest addition to his Minecraft Manhunt series, Dream doubles down with an hour time limit for his friends to take him out just once. If they manage to do that, ten thousand dollars will be split across the three of them. With the clock ticking, the game is on.

The $10,000 Minecraft hour

This manhunt takes a different approach from Dream's usual, rather than the goal being to end his run to the ender dragon, his competitors are granted one hour inside of a world border to take him down once and for all.

Dream is new to the Mr.Beast style competitions, where an absurd amount of money is on the line for anyone who is up to the task. But it seems that with the pressure on, each player is trying their hardest.

By 15 minutes in, Dream finds himself stuck almost 100 blocks in the air on nothing but a leaf pathway, with Sapnap and George towering up after him. In an incredible play, Dream uses shears to instantly drop them to the ground - a fatal fall for sure.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

30 minutes remain

After being unable to capitalize on two players getting downed, Dream runs off again, buying time and more blocks. As the thirty minute mark hits, Dream has found himself attempting to get his hunters to fall into lava, but his plan is ruined as BadBoyHalo and Sapnap both found this pit earlier in their chase.

Dream dodges and weaves through mountains and on the tops of trees to get away, but nothing seems to work for him.

The resulting onslaught puts Dream at a heart and a half, with only two uncooked pieces of mutton to satisfy his Minecraft hunger.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The tables begin to turn

With just over fifteen minutes left until the match is over, Dream has found himself a ruined portal. This portal contained two gold blocks and a golden sword enchanted with Fire Aspect.

It seems Dream's food and spacing issues in this Minecraft match have been solved. Dream finds himself in another tower and begins building up as far as he can.

The winner is decided

After towering up to nearly block limit, Dream secures a few more kills against his hunters, taking their blocks and building even further up, or just knocking them off entirely to their doom.

With just one minute left, Dream unveils a trick he has had hidden up his sleeve - boat floating. While the mechanics behind it are unknown, he was able to float away, slowly but safely, with a falling boat as the clock reaches zero.

All four players showed incredible skill and style, even though the objective wasn't reached. Dream did manage to amass a total of thirteen kills, five to each George and Sapnap, with only three on BadBoyHalo.

With his new videos getting more and more intense, what's next for Dream, how can he continuously top each and every single one of his videos?

Sadly, only time will tell, but to learn more about dream and his rise to fame, check out this article to catch up.

Published 19 Nov 2020, 02:34 IST
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