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Esports Players Training Like Traditional Professional Athletes To Improve Their Performance

  • Esports is taking a more traditional way to train and improve the player's performance.
Hrithik Raj
Modified 16 Apr 2019, 00:18 IST

Electronic Sports or in short Esports has been making its place among the top sports by each passing year. Games like PlayerUnknown's Battleground, Fortnite Battle Royale, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2 and such other titles have helped Esports to grow into a much bigger sports sector.

These titles have helped in spreading awareness of Esports all around the world. Esports is now taking a more realistic sports approach in training its players both physically and mentally as actual athletes do. According to professionals physical, mental training and a healthy lifestyle is a must for an Esports player.

Esports Tournaments
Esports Tournaments

Professional Esports teams like Complexity, trains its players like professional athletes to get a better result in their gaming performance. A decade ago no one would have ever believed that videogames are going to play such a vital role in the Esports fields. Esports has turned into full-fledged sports where only a few can survive.

Generally, a lifetime of a professional esports player is around 20 to 24 years. After that the player generally retires due to the stress and pressure. Though teams like Complexity thinks rather quite differently, according to their ideology a player's lifetime can be improved with training like traditional professional athletes, a good nutrition diet, activities to change and lighten the pressure.

Esports taking the route of actual Sports and training its players like professional athletes was not so distant. As deep down we already know that how much esports has grown in the last few years.

It has a huge potential, plus with millions of dollars in the line. It is bound that the industry will evolve as a wholesome. Global brands investing in Esports is also a clue that the industry has yet to explore its true extent.

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Published 16 Apr 2019, 00:18 IST
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