Evil Dead: The Game trophy guide

Evil Dead: The Game has 45 trophies to unlock, and here is what it takes to unlock them all (Image via Saber Interactive)
Evil Dead: The Game has 45 trophies to unlock, and here is what it takes to unlock them all (Image via Saber Interactive)

Evil Dead: The Game is a 4 vs. 1 asymmetrical horror/survival game, and despite that, it has quite a few trophies and achievements to unlock. This is not a detailed guide to unlocking every trophy but simply what it takes to acquire them.

It will take a significant amount of game time to unlock them, and 44 will require in-game play. The final one is the platinum trophy, “Savior and Destroyer”.

It will take time, but if someone wants to unlock the Platinum trophy for Evil Dead: The Game, here’s what they need to do in their matches to make sure that becomes a reality.

Trophy list for Evil Dead: The Game


None of the trophies for Evil Dead: The Game require anything other than playing the game, which is sure to delight players.

Only two trophies also require the player to win games, requiring 30 wins as the Survivor and the second set of 30 wins as the Demon. Other trophies require the player to keep playing the game and focus on objectives.

By playing Evil Dead: The Game, killing demons and their minions, and aiding other players, these trophies will come naturally. While playing solo missions unlocks no trophies, the characters gained there are used in some trophy requirements.

Main trophies for Evil Dead

  • The Deadite Slayer: Kill 500 demon basic units
  • Just warming up: Kill 50 demon elite units
  • Who’s laughing now?: Kill 10 boss units
  • That’s gotta hurt!: Perform 10 special attacks
  • Who’s next, huh?: Perform 100 finishers
  • Never leave a friend behind: Revive an incapacitated teammate 30 times
  • Back from the dead: Resurrect 10 teammate’s souls at an altar
  • Books From Beyond: Successfully collect 20 Lost Pages
  • Light-Bringer: Turn on 50 light sources
  • Swallow this!: Kill 10 Deadites with a headshot
  • Knuckle Sandwich: Kill a Deadite with your bare hands
  • Guiding Light: Find 300 items with the flashlight
  • Not today, demon: Free 10 possessed teammates
  • Dark Thirty: Win 30 matches as a Survivor
  • Back to the Deadlands: Defeat the Dark Ones
  • Boss of Bosses: Kill 20 boss units
  • Fully Loaded: Fully upgrade 5 survivor categories using Pink F points
  • Weapon of Choice: Kill 50 Deadites with a legendary weapon
  • Truly amazing: Unlock all of a survivor’s unique skills
  • Hail to the king, baby: Reach the maximum level with a Survivor
  • Puppetmaster: Possess 50 basic units
  • Control Freak: Possess 25 elite units
  • Be the boss: Possess 10 boss units
  • Join us!: Possess 10 Survivors
  • Armageddon: Win 30 matches as a demon
  • Effortless Evil: Win a match as a demon without possessing a boss unit
  • Make like a tree: Possess a tree and hit two Survivors at once
  • One by one we will take you: Kill a Survivor as a possessed survivor
  • Dead By Dawn: Kill 10 Survivors as a boss unit
  • I may be bad, but I feel good: Fully upgrade 4 categories using Infernal Upgrade Points
  • Out of the cellar: Unlock all of a demon’s unique skills
  • We shall be again: Reach the maximum level with a demon
  • Groovy: Reach the maximum user level

There are also 11 secret trophies in Evil Dead: The Game. Many of them involve completing matches with certain characters or are references to the various movies in the Evil Dead series.

This will be a little more difficult, but it can be done with a few friends or some communication. Unlocking characters isn't especially difficult either, thankfully.

Secret trophies

  • Hand Shake: Hide Ash's hand in a chest and scare a survivor who opens it
  • Classic Ride: Drive the Delta 88 while playing as Ash
  • I'm driving here!: Honk a car's horn
  • Roadkill: Run over 50 Deadites with a car
  • You can't outrun Evil: Run over a Survivor with a possessed car
  • Taxi: Drive a car with all your teammates in it
  • OG Survivors: Finish a match with Ash (The Evil Dead), Cheryl, and Scotty on your team
  • Second Team: Finish a match with Ash (Evil Dead 2), Annie Knowby, and Ed Getley in your team
  • Medieval Mode: Finish a match with Ash (Army of Darkness), Lord Arthur, and Henry the Red in your team
  • Jacksonville, here we come!: Finish a match with Ash (Ash vs Evil Dead), Kelly, and Pablo on your team
  • The Four Horsemen: Finish a match with four Ashes on your team

Completing all trophies will give the player the "Savior and Destroyer" Platinum trophy, signifying that they have mastered Evil Dead: The Game.

The game is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on the Epic Games Store.

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