Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact: All you need to know

Fatuis with the Cryo Archon (Image via miHoYo)
Fatuis with the Cryo Archon (Image via miHoYo)

Fatui Harbingers have a mysterious role in the storyline of Genshin Impact. Players must have encountered Fatui Agents and Fatui Harbingers as enemies during their gameplay in Genshin Impact.

To date, fans know that they are loyal followers of the Cryo Archon trying to collect Gnoses from all the Archons for some unknown purpose. Gnoses are known to be the primary power source of being an Elemental Archon.

Fatui Diplomats are widely despised across all nations due to their deceptive behavior. Their general plan of action includes infiltrating a nation through friendly trades and then executing their notorious schemes.

Just like Knights of Favonious of Mondstadt and Liyue Qixing of Liyue are the respective governing bodies, the Fatui Harbingers handle the administration of Snezhnaya. Nine out of eleven Fatui Harbingers have been hinted at so far in the lore.

All of them are extremely powerful and can be compared to the Archons. All the Fatui Harbingers are named after an Italian theater, Commedia dell'arte, where characters use masks to portray their role.

The 11 Fatui Harbingers and their affiliation to Tsaritsa in Genshin Impact

Fatui Harbingers are a group of diplomats originating from Snezhnaya. Led by 11 commanders known as the Fatui Harbingers, the entire Fatui organization operates under the Cryo Archon, The Tsaritsa.

Fatui Skirmishers (Image via genshin-impact.fandom)
Fatui Skirmishers (Image via genshin-impact.fandom)

The Fatui is like a military organization consisting of various hierarchy levels. At the top is the Cryo Archon, which oversees all operations. Then comes the 11 Harbingers, assigned to carry out different purposes. Then there is the infantry, which includes Cicin Mages, Agents, and Skirmishers.

A Fatui Pyro agent (Image via Genshin Impact)
A Fatui Pyro agent (Image via Genshin Impact)

Finally, there are ordinary recruits, the Fatui Diplomats, who are NPCs spread across Teyvat. They establish a connection with the common folk through trade and commerce to carry out their vicious plan. Most of the Fatui Diplomats are regular workers and are not concerned with their superiors' motives.

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Who are the 11 Fatui Harbingers?

Cryo Archon, the Tsaritsa, has granted extraordinary powers to 11 of her loyal followers, known as the Fatui Harbingers. They possess powers of 2 different elements, one of Vision and one of Delusion.

Similar to Vision, Delusion is also a great power source, supposedly more powerful than a vision. The weekly boss, Childe, is the 11th Fatui Harbinger with Hydro element vision and Delusion of Electro element.

To date, Genshin Impact has revealed three Fatui Harbingers in-game. They are discussed below in order of their appearance.

La Signora (8th Fatui Harbinger)

Signora seems to have the leading authority behind the operation of acquiring all Gnoses. Players get to see her during both the Archon Quests of Mondstadt and Liyue.

In the Prologue quest, Signora catches Venti, the Anemo Archon, and the Traveler off guard in front of Mondstadt Cathedral. With the help of Fatui agents, she strikes down Venti and snatches the Gnosis away from him.

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La Signora in Genshin Impact (Image via SourGripes)
La Signora in Genshin Impact (Image via SourGripes)

In the final Quest of Liyue, Signora acquires the Geo Gnosis from Zhongli based on a contract. Unlike the incident with Venti, this acquisition was more of a formal exchange, agreed by both parties.

Zhongli mentions that he gave the Gnosis in exchange for helping him in making the people of Liyue move on from the Geo Archon. But why he used the much-important Gnosis for this contract is still unclear.

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Signora uses Cryo abilities when fighting Venti, so players can assume she holds a Cryo vision. Her popularity is immense among the Genshin Impact community, and she may come as a playable character soon.

Scaramouche (6th Fatui Harbinger)

Scaramouche first appeared in the Unreconciled Stars event, where he was the main antagonist. He goes by the alias "Balladeer."

In his first meet, he tried to attack the traveler but failed as Mona sensed it beforehand. According to the Fatui Diplomat Viktor, who resides in the Mondstadt Cathedral, Scaramouche is not well-liked among the Fatuis.

At the end of the Unreconciled Star event, players can see Scaramouche briefing some Cicin Mages and Agents.

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Scaramouche in Genshin Impact (Image via Nightin Gaming)
Scaramouche in Genshin Impact (Image via Nightin Gaming)

According to speculations, Scaramouche holds an Electro vision and may make another appearance in Inazuma. In the event also, Scaramouche introduces himself as a "vagrant from Inazuma."

Leaks suggest there is a high chance of him becoming a playable character soon.

Tartaglia (11th Fatui Harbinger)

Tartaglia, also known as Childe, was the lead behind fulfilling Signora's contract with Zhongli. He deceived the traveler and lured the sea monster Osial to attack Liyue.

Tartaglia is already a playable character in the game and is also a weekly boss. As a playable character, he uses a Bow and has a vision of the Hydro element. His Delusion is of Electro element, although it is not present in his playable form.

Tartaglia in Genshin Impact (Image via Vinnellae)
Tartaglia in Genshin Impact (Image via Vinnellae)

Other Fatui Harbingers:

Dottore: Also known as "The Doctor," Dottore is mentioned in the Genshin Impact Manga.

Pulcinella: The 5th Fatui Harbinger, also known as "Rooster," Pulcinella is highly self-centered and manipulates others for his selfish interests.

Capitano: Also known as "The Captain," Capitano brags about his bravery through made-up stories.

Pantalone: He goes by the name "Merchant" and often interferes with other businesses due to his greed.

Sandrone: This Fatui Harbinger is known for his voice for the underdeveloped section of society. Sandrone is very clever and cunning and always uses tricks to meet ends.

There are three more Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact, including Pierro (1st Fatui Harbinger), hinted at in the game and manga. The other two are unknown.

With such a significant plot associated with the Fatuis, players will get to know more about them in every Archon Quest where the Fatuis will conquer the Gnosis.

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