FaZe Jev not happy with Warzone season 3, says “the changes didn’t bring any players back”

FaZe Jev reacts to the new meta change (Image via Twitter and Activision)
FaZe Jev reacts to the new meta change (Image via Twitter and Activision)
Debabrata Naiya

Call of Duty Warzone’s new season has brought a huge shift in the traditional sniper meta. While the new monstrous season is keeping fans off their edge, this new change has disappointed some parts of the community.

Replying to a @ModernWarzone’s tweet, content creator/streamer Jason “FaZe Jev," popularly known as FaZe Jev, lashes out against the new change, where Raven nerfed the Kar98K and the SwissK31 to the ground. He said:

“Dog s**t change. Also doesn't change the downward spiral in popularity of Warzone. I'm all for opening up the meta but simply put, the meta isn't why people are quitting the game. This change didn't bring any players BACK to the game. It has already failed. MUCH bigger issues.”
Do you think the sniper nerf in #Warzone was a W or an L?

However, fans are divided in this scenario. Some of them like the new change, which resembles a realistic depiction of what sniping gameplay is supposed to be, while the other half want COD to stay where it was.

Kar98k, Swiss K31 have gone through a massive buff in Warzone season 3


For the longest time, the MW Kar98k and the Swiss K31 were fan-favourite snipers to use in Warzone. For streamers and content creators who love playing with snipers, these two guns have been the undisputed choice for the longest time.

After Raven decided to change the traditional sniping gameplay and gave priority to creating a weapon balance, the reaction of the community was not what the developers expected. In the season 3 patch notes, Raven declared,

“Snipers may now use damage ranges as a defining characteristic of their one-shot potential. This not only brings more identity to each weapon but means attachments that provide the lighter and quicker sniper rifles the Damage Range stat will increase their ability to one-shot at increased distances.”

This indicates that all light and quick snipers won’t be able to one-shot enemies beside a certain range. However, some of the heavy snipers will still be able to knock players down with a single shot.


In season 2, Raven increased the base health of players from 100 to 150 after a lot of experiments. While all the weapons required more shots to kill enemies, quick and light snipers like the Kar98k and the Swiss K31 stayed the same.

This mechanism creates an unfair advantage for players who run with these guns. According to the developers, they want to build a community where every player will have an equal chance to fight. While season 3 is already live and available to play, only time will tell how this change will affect the game in the long run.

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