FIFA 23: Will AC Milan and Inter Milan be present in this year's game?

There are some amazing players on both sides who will be present in the game (Images via EA Sports)
There are some amazing players on both sides who will be present in the game (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 will have AC Milan and Inter Milan in the game, and the Italian giants will be two excellent sides to play with. The historical rivals have a great squad of players who will add to the excitement and thrill across different game modes.

Both teams will not have their iconic names this year because of certain licensing issues, however, and those unaware of it could get confused.


FIFA 23 will have plenty of licensed teams and leagues to add to the title's overall authenticity. From the Indian Super League to the English Premier League, players can expect realism and factual accuracy when it comes to the teams and footballers in these leagues.

However, there are rivals for EA Sports' franchise who have exclusive licenses with specific teams worldwide. The lack of licenses can cause major issues for other publishers, as their hands are restricted.

While including the teams do not tend to be a problem, their authenticity gets affected. Hence, AC Milan and Inter Milan will be present in FIFA 23 but not in a way that fans might usually identify them.

FIFA 23 will not have the official license of AC Milan and Inter Milan in the future

Licenses have been a cause of concern for EA Sports recently, as talks between them and FIFA broke down. The series will get a name change and facelift next year as the publisher ponders alternate options.

In recent times, there have been instances of Konami doing exclusive deals with football clubs and including some major ones. The list already has some enviable names like Manchester United and Bayern Munich, among others.

They have now added more to this ever-increasing list and some of them are from the Italian league.


While AC Milan and Inter Milan will be present in FIFA 23, they will not be licensed. Konami acquired its licenses before the release of eFootball 2023. While the two Italian giants will be completely licensed for the game, EA Sports will not have the same privilege.

AC Milan could be named Bergamo Reds, given their regional association. Although Atalanta is closely associated with the region, Bergamo Reds will not be an unrealistic name.


Inter will retain their original name for this year at least. This seems likely because the exclusivity deal starts next summer, based on the official declarations. However, they are already licensed in eFootball 2023 and have been added as a partner club by Konami.

Both these changes are similar to what happened with Juventus over the last two years, where they came to be known as Piemonte Calcio. The Turin-based club will authentically return to FIFA 23 after negotiating a new partnership deal with EA Sports.

Users will be surprised by this revelation as clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester United will be licensed in FIFA 23 despite being licensed with Konami. This primarily concerns league licenses as EA Sports owns the rights to the Bundesliga and the English Premier League.


Thanks to league licenses, EA Sports can ensure that those teams remain authentic even if some enter into exclusive licenses. Naturally, there are exceptions to these based on the terms and conditions of individual deals. While Konami has lost a significant powerhouse in the form of Juventus, they have added more options, with Napoli also joining the roster.

Even if the teams do not retain their original names, players can expect originality as far as the footballers are concerned. Additionally, there are a lot of new additions coming to the game, which will surely excite fans all over the world. FIFA 23 will go live on September 30, with three days of early access applicable under certain conditions.