Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 leaks: Thor Mjolnir, dual battle passes and more

Thor and Marvel x Fortnite comics have made another appearance in the game
Thor and Marvel x Fortnite comics have made another appearance in the game
Rijit Banerjee

Fortnite has been teasing Season 4 with the new Marvel x Fortnite comic strips every day as we move closer to the next season. Thor has been rumored to be an essential character in the new season, and the comic strips till now have showcased his story on the game's island.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is supposedly going to be entirely based on the Marvel comics. And as Donald Mustard previously hinted, it might all be inter-connected, and the players might be in for a treat.

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For now, there are no live events confirmed for the seasonal transition. However, the developers might add some files at the last minute, or else, we will go straight to the next season in the game.

Dual battle passes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Every season, there is a single battle pass which allows players to speculate on the storyline of Fortnite and gives out season-exclusive rewards. However, next season, things could get a little more exciting.

StrawDesertHD, a prominent Fortnite leaker, has revealed some new insider information, which has to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, he did share a dual battle pass system that could be a part of the game next season.

The data miner talks about these two battle passes, one of which should be the usual Fortnite one which carries the storyline ahead, and another based on the Marvel comics.

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If this is true, players are definitely in for a massive treat. It should also solve the complaints of players claiming Fortnite is getting commercialised this season, thanks to the collaboration with Marvel.

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Thor's Mjolnir is now in Fortnite, and new comics explains the Fortnite storyline

With the new comics and teasers for Day 3 in Fortnite, we know about the memory theory. This assumption talks about the stimulation of the Fortnite island. It notes how every character of the isle forgets everything and battles again each day, which was a core theory for the game.

With the recent comic pages, we notice Thor losing his memory while making his way through the rift to warn the people of Fortnite. As a result, The God of Thunder's weapon, Mjolnir, leaves his hand and lands near the north side of Weeping Woods, forming a giant crater in the process.

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However, at the end of today's comic pages, we see Thor still able to remember Brite Bomber, despite his memory getting deleted on the island. This could lead to several explanations.

What is worth remembering is that in the Avengers: End Game scene where Fat Thor was playing Fortnite with his friends, they were playing with the Brite Bomber skin.


This theory might be a stretch, but is an excellent Easter egg to put into the Fortnite comics, and we could see a dramatic story related to it. Until then, we have to wait till the teaser's end, which will finally reveal a definite explanation to the Fortnite storyline.

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