Fortnite Season 6 leaks: Sony reveals new BP skin, Deathstroke outfit, and more details

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
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Some new Fortnite leaks and other information are circulating right now. It seems that a lot of new things are being released today as several new Fortnite leaks and other information have started to be released throughout the day.

Players all alike are excited to see so many new things coming their way straight into Fortnite Season 6. It seems as if every day, there are new announcements and exciting new crossover information featuring DC and more.

Some of the new information includes a Battle Pass leak from Sony along with Deathstroke, Cash Cup stops, and much more.

Fortnite leaks and skins

Apple Skin

As players know, Epic Games v. Apple has been a huge lawsuit, which started back in 2020 and now continues into 2021 with a court date in May.

With this major controversy, many are predicting a new Apple skin coming into Fortnite when/if Fortnite goes back into the Apple Store. Assumptions of a colored version of the Tart Tycoon skin are what many players are expecting but are still unconfirmed.

Sony Skin Leak

Sony also leaked a photo featuring Lara Croft, Rachel Roth (Raven), and Neymar Jr himself. The leak attracted a lot of buzz as players were excited to finally see the Neymar Jr skin featured on an official Sony account online.

While the news was exciting, it's been confirmed that the leak is fake. It appears that Sony posted a photo they found somewhere through Google, trying to just create hype around the Neymar skin. So, the Neymar Jr skin is still not revealed.

Deathstroke Skin

Lastly, Deathstroke's skin and glider have been revealed. Deathstroke can be seen in some of the new pages of the comics in a pretty accurate rendition of his class DC suit.

It’s still unclear whether or not he’ll be a DLC code or how much he’d cost in a game for V-Bucks. Also, Deathstroke’s glider has been revealed online and has a pretty slick design compared to Batman's Zero Wing Glider.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Other information

Aside from this, Fortnite Competitive has announced the immediate halt of all Cash Cups. The remaining Hype Cups will be canceled until at least the v16.40 update as there are issues with players getting queued into different Cash Cups and such.

They will also cancel Friday Night Braggin Rights until v16.40 as well due to Fortnite wanting to avoid any complications with FNCS. Otherwise, all other FNCS Qualifiers and its Cash Cups will continue to progress as they were.

Account hacks

Lastly, a number of worried players came out as a supposed “account hack” occurred to anyone who had logged into the Epic Games account through

The hack involved taking money out of players' PayPal accounts and other money apps and logging them out of their Epic Games accounts after they had logged into the website.

Of course, the hack was all false, as Epic Games was the reason for players being logged out of their accounts after visiting the website. Since is a third-party website, Epic Games simply put their security system in place to automatically log out players in case of a breach.

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