Fortnite streamers are in disbelief after watching how over-powered the Exotic Grappler Bow is

Sypherpk and Nick Eh 30 are in love with the Exotic Grappler Bow (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sypherpk and Nick Eh 30 are in love with the Exotic Grappler Bow (Image via Sportskeeda)
Matthew Wilkins

The Exotic Grappler Bow is finally in-game, and gamers are estatic to say the least. Fortnite content creators like Sypherpk and Nick Amyoony, better known as Nick Eh 30, are totally in love with the new Exotic Bow after trying it out in-game.

In a recent live stream, Sypherpk broke down the Bow's functions.

"Exotic Grappler Bow uses arrows as ammo, and I've seen the way it was used in the trailer, the question is can you use if offensively? Can you like actually attack somebody with it?"

Well, Sypherpk didn't have to wait long for an answer, as he soon got into a scuffle, shot through the air using the bow and eliminated the opponent using his class shotgun build.

"This is kinda my favorite exotic, I'm not gonna lie. Some of the exotic released have been dogwater but this one, so good, so good."

Fellow Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30, can aslo be seen thoroughly enjoying himself using the Exotic Grappler Bow during his livestream.

Watch the video here:


How to obtain the new Exotic?

The weapons can be obtained by talking to Lara Croft, who's located at Stealthy Stronghold. Players can either buy the weapon for 500 gold, or steal it from another player via elimination.

Keep in mind that the area has become a hot drop zone, as players are rushing to try out the new bow, as well as the fact that Lara Croft only sells five of these Exotic Grappler Bows per game; players need to be fast if they want to buy the bow.

Unlike the Grappler, which lets players take fall damage, if timed correctly, players can won't take any damage from any height using the Exotic Grappler Bow. Keep in mind that once fired, players cannot land prematurely or deploy gliders mid-air.

As mentioned before, it's not just streamers who are loving the new Exotic Grappler Bow. The Fortnite community as a whole are keen to use this high mobility weapon in-game.

However, not everyone was happy about the addition of the new bow in-game. One player felt that venturing into Stealthy Stronghold to buy a bow was not worth the effort. While another stated that the bow was 'not that impressive'.

Why are some players disliking the new Exotic Grappler Bow?

When it comes to damage output, the Mechanical Shockwave Bow and Mechanical Explosive Bow have a clear advantage over the new Exotic Grappler Bow when upgraded from certain NPC's. The DPS jumps from 89 to 94, and while this may not seem like much, in the heat of battle every point counts.

The Exotic Grappler Bow only allows players a quick rotation or fast charge in for a Shotgun kill, however, the price players have to pay for it does seem a bit steep (500 gold) when compared to the 340 gold, players need to pay to upgrade the aforementioned Mechanical Bows to Legendary tier.

Furthermore, the Shockwave Bow, much like Shockwave Grenades, can be used to push players into the storm which is something that the community has loved since they were added in-game. This could be the main reason behind some players preferring the Shockwave Bow over the new exotic.

Despite the difference in opinion, the Exotic Grappler Bow is not for all players. Some might consider it a new Meta weapon for Fortnite Season 6, while others may consider it inadequate.

However, one thing is clear. Epic Games will be adding a lot of bows to the game as the Season progresses.

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