Fortnite: SypherPK deciphers the 'Thor vs Galactus' end-of-season live event

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
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Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 3 has received a rather lukewarm response. On one hand, new features such as cars have been added. On the other, the season has been plagued with various delays, glitches and server issues

However, with Chapter 2 Season 4 already confirmed to have a Marvel crossover, Fortnite fans can expect a lot of things to change in the coming weeks. Various leakers have released interesting information about the collaboration. Moreover, we saw SypherPK post a video talking about everything that has till now been released regarding Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4: SypherPK explains everything that has been revealed thus far

After an announcement about his new YouTube channel, SypherPK dived straight into the plethora of leaks that have been released over the past few days. Apart from Thor and Galactus, 'Storm' from X-Men, along with the tiny plant creature 'Groot' from Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy is also expected to release as skins.

This was followed by Donald Mustard updating his Twitter cover picture to one with Iron Man and Doctor Doom.

He even posted a tweet telling Fortnite fans to look out for clues.

One complaint that fans have had is that these Marvel events will not add up with Fortnite's storyline. However, that may not be true if the following leaked comic book page is anything to go by.

SypherPK explains that these Marvel characters are going to interact with the Fortnite world. The rift mentioned in the comic is expected to send Galactus hurling through to the Fortnite universe.

Comic book fans know that Galactus consumes planets in order to feed off specific energies, which is why his 'Heralds' seek out suitable planets for him to consume. As confirmed by the official Fortnite Twitter account, the Herald has already found the island!

SypherPK further explained that as Thor rushes to warn the island about the impending Galactus, there are two different possibilities. Season 3 might end with their showdown, or it might be the way Season 4 begins.

Regardless, the collaboration will have a telling effect on the Fortnite universe, with new locations, skins, and comic-book specific challenges expected to release.

SypherPK showed viewers the rift that has appeared over Catty Corner and is expected to be used by Galactus and Thor to arrive on the Fortnite island.

Image Credits: SypherPK,
Image Credits: SypherPK,

Towards the end, he talked about how Fortnite fans should rejoice the collaboration.

He said that there is no other game holding such 'Epic' collaborations with D.C. and Marvel, and that in itself is very original. You can watch the entire video below.


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