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Fortnite update: Popular streamers' reaction to Fortnite's 'The End'

14 Oct 2019, 20:37 IST

Fortnite's Blackhole

The internet is bursting with conversations about the complete blacking out of Epic Games' popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite, and here's a glimpse of Ninja, Dr DisRespect and Tfue's reactions to the same.

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Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins

Popular Mixer streamer Ninja took it to his Twitter to post a reflective and thoughtful opinion of the blacking out of Fortnite. "I’m thinking about it more and more. I want everyone that plays Fortnite to remember all the good times, All the amazing experiences we have had playing this game and really go into Chapter 2 with an open mind and let’s be more positive as a community <3" his tween on October 13, 2019, read. He also called out the players who kept complaining about the game whilst playing it irresistibly and guilt-tripped them:

While Ninja refrained from streaming the game during the event, fans were speculating that he was given a heads up by Epic Games beforehand and that he knows what is happening. However, the Mixer celebrity took it to his Twitter and uploaded a video clearing the air about the conspiracy.

"Lots of people are wondering why I’m not streaming today, why I’m not streaming tomorrow, that there’s this rigged conspiracy that I know what’s going on. I don’t, I don’t. It was incredibly all unplanned, and I’m actually super lucky. I’m taking my brother-in-law and my in-laws to the Lions vs Packers game, sweet tickets, private jet out, and field access, just to show some love to my family. That is why I’m not live, that is why I’m not streaming today or tomorrow, so thank the Fortnite gods on that one! " he said, in the video

However, as against what he had mentioned earlier about knowing anything about Fortnite's blackout, he tweeted "250k likes and I’ll actually give you a hint about Fortnite chapter 2" while chilling with his family at a Lions-Packers game, leaving fans hanging. He then posted a video with a one-word hint that said "Tacos"


Dr DisRespect aka Herschel Beahm IV

Dr DisRespect, who is known for his upfront and whacky casting, took it to his Twitter to express how happy he was about Fortnite being gone and uploaded a GIF of himself shouting out with joy. "Fortnite is gone. I couldn't be more happier. Demonized children will turn back to normal 8th graders. The gaming industry will get back to quality soulful development. No more overhyped phoniness."

Tfue aka Turner Tenney

While the popular Twitch star was off Twitter on the 13 October, he was seen to be active on Twitter today and sharing a lot about the blackout. He went on to share a meme that said Elon Musk had bought Fortnite and deleted it to "save kids from eternal virginity" and another meme about fans waiting for Epic to do something about Fortnite. He also went ahead and shared a leaked sneak peek of the new map from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 11.

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