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Fortnite v13.40 Early Patch Notes: Car Roadways completed, Coral Castle POI, new Flopper teaser and bug fixes

New POI Coral Castle in Fortnite Season 3
New POI Coral Castle in Fortnite Season 3
Modified 01 Aug 2020, 19:57 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has reached its peak and many exciting new changes have been made to the game. Point of interests such as the Coral castle are now in-game.

Although the spot was rumoured to have an Aquaman boss and Atlantean Fiskstick NPCs, it doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Siona and her mysterious spacecraft crash have also surfaced on the island, giving players the option to either start or stop the spaceship launch. This could also be an early indication towards the arrival of 'The Seven' back in-game. (Perhaps next season?)

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Cars' Roadways are now complete, and a new type of car was spotted in the Fortnite season 3 trailer

Cars are awaited by every player in Fortnite, and after the last water level drop today, roadways are connected on the map and it seems to be the perfect moment for Epic Games to release the cars into the game. As the gas station and cars are both co-related with each other, it shouldn't be a long wait till the vehicles make their way in-game.

Additionally, StormScar, a Fortnite data-leaker has spotted a new type of car in the season 3 trailer of Fortnite. The vehicle in question doesn't look like the ones we have seen in various other leaks.

This could mean that Epic Games might have a few secret cars up to their sleeve after all to suffice the need of content for the community.


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RIP Carl- 'Coral Castle' makes a grand entry onto the Fortnite map

First look at the new Coral Castle POI in Fortnite (Image Credts:Spider-Mandalore on YT)
First look at the new Coral Castle POI in Fortnite (Image Credts:Spider-Mandalore on YT)

Atlantis was probably one of most anticipated POI this season and players speculated it coming to the game as soon as Aquaman was seen in the item store. However, the speculations were only partly true as Coral Castle has emerged from the big whirlpool on the map. Here is a look at the Fortnite map right now.

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However, when the POI was initially added to the game, players could saw it marked as "<CARL>" instead of Coral Castle. The issue was quickly addressed in a hotfix and the changes can be seen in the Fortnite map right now.

Even though Carl's excursion on the Fortnite island was short-lived, he shall remain in our hearts forever.

New leaks suggest 'Elemental floppers' coming to Fortnite soon

Just as the new POI dropped into the game, HYPEX, a prominent data-miner tweeted out an image that showcases a new fish. They glow in different lights inside the castle thus, which has led many to believe that these new fishies may have certain elemental properties.

We have seen the leaks for the new fish rods coming to the game in the future, therefore they both might intersect, allowing players to get a new flopper meta in the game. That would be very interesting to see if it happens in the future.

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Bug fixes expected in v13.40 update

1. Placing a map marker cancels movement.

Description: Opening the map and placing a marker will cancel held player movements, requiring them to be input again.

2. Mouse cursor appearing on PC when playing with a controller.

Description: When playing on PC with a controller, players' mouse cursor may appear after they perform certain actions. This can cause issues with gameplay.

3. Slow Glider speed after redeploying in certain situations.

Description: Players may move slower after Glider redeploying in certain situations.

4. XP bar can be visually incorrect while in a match. / Incorrect levelling-up.

Description: This can cause players to appear to level up during the match even if they didn't.

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Published 01 Aug 2020, 19:33 IST
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