Genshin Impact Ayato leaks: Elemental Skill, Burst, gameplay against enemies, and more

A leaked idle animation where Ayato drinks boba tea (Image via genshinBLANK, miHoYo)
A leaked idle animation where Ayato drinks boba tea (Image via genshinBLANK, miHoYo)
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Many Genshin Impact 2.6 gameplay leaks have surfaced online, with many of them featuring Kamisato Ayato.

Previously, Travelers could only rely on text leaks (some of which were rather dubious). Those leaks weren't the most specific, which makes today's abundance of gameplay leaks feel so refreshing.

As of right now, virtually everything has been leaked about Kamisato Ayato, ranging from his Ascension Materials to his abilities. There are also specific numbers regarding his kit, but that's usually one of the first things changed from the beta to the final release.

This article will focus on the elements that are unlikely to change.

Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks featuring Ayato - Elemental Skill, Burst, gameplay, and other details

[2.6 Beta] Kamisato Ayato Elemental Skill - Range DemonstrationHD:

This video showcases his Elemental Skill. It essentially does the following:

  • Taunts nearby foes
  • Infuses his Normal Attacks with Hydro
  • Increases his Normal Attack Speed
  • It prevents him from using Charged or Plunging Attacks
  • Hitting foes will give him Wave Flash (increases DMG based on his Max HP), which stacks up to four times (once every 0.1 seconds)
  • Increases his resistance to interruption
  • Everything listed above (other than the taunt) will vanish if Ayato leaves the field
  • Nearby allies who attack enemies with Normal Attacks will have their cooldowns reduced by two seconds

One good aspect of this Genshin Impact 2.6 leak is that it shows travelers how easy it is for Ayato to hit enemies while this Elemental Skill is active. The range is generous, although it only lasts for six seconds at the moment.

[2.6 Beta] - Kamisato Ayato ICD Demo

Here is another gameplay video that showcases some of his Vaporize potential. In this case, ICD stands for "Internal Cooldown." Based on this Tweet, it would appear that his ability to apply the Hydro element on an enemy through his Elemental Skill can happen approximately once every 2~2.5 seconds.

Elemental Burst

Many Genshin Impact fans compare his Elemental Burst to Ganyu's, except as a Hydro variation. Both are circular AOEs that deal damage with a duration of 15 seconds. However, Ayato's Elemental Burst has some differences.

The specific numbers for damage, cooldown, and Energy cost are all different between the two Elemental Bursts. Ayato's allies also gain an ATK Speed buff while in the Elemental Burst area.

The tweet above showcases his Elemental Burst at the beginning before moving on to his Elemental Skill.

Idle animations


Normally, idle animations are generic or add a little bit of oomph to a character in Genshin Impact. His second idle animation involves him drinking boba, which begs whether or not he stores it in his sleeve as he fights foes.


#Ayato passivesPassive 1- pressing E gives +2 levels to Flash Wave. When a clone gets exploded from any attack. Flash Wave gets the max level.Passive 2 - the damage of his burst increases by 3% of Ayato's max HP.Passive 3 - 18% higher chance to cook an additional spooky dish.

The above tweet summarizes his three Passives in Genshin Impact (based on current leaks). It's worth noting that "E" refers to his Elemental Skill, and the "spooky dish" refers to a Suspicious Dish in addition to whatever he cooked.


//AYATO LEAKSAyato’s constellations!(Thank you server members for this translation!)

His Constellations have also been a part of the latest Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks. The above tweet is a concise summary of what each Constellation does, although it is worth noting that everything is subject to change.

For example, Yae Miko had some noticeable changes in her beta regarding her Constellations.

Ascension materials

All of his Ascension Materials and Talent Level-Up Materials (Image via @DevilTakoyaki)
All of his Ascension Materials and Talent Level-Up Materials (Image via @DevilTakoyaki)

The above infographic displays all relevant information regarding what Ayato needs to ascend or max out his Talents in Genshin Impact. These materials are currently obtainable in Genshin Impact 2.5, so players can pre-farm everything right now.

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