Genshin Impact Thoma build guide: Best artifacts, weapons, and more

Thoma, newest 4-star Genshin Impact character (Image via MiHoYo)
Thoma, newest 4-star Genshin Impact character (Image via MiHoYo)
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Thoma is the latest playable pyro character in Genshin Impact who uses a polearm. Despite hailing from Mondstadt, he quickly adapted to the ways of Inazuma and currently works as a housekeeper for the Kamisato Clan. Known for being a "fixer," Thoma has his ways of developing the influence of the Yashiro commission.

As a playable character, Thoma is mainly considered a pyro shielder. With characters such as Xiangling and Hu Tao already present as pyro polearm users in Genshin Impact, each has a separate role with different artifacts. Thoma can fit into a few teams, given his easy-to-build nature and his shield.

Full Thoma build in Genshin Impact

1) Skills and abilities

Thoma skills (Image via Genshin Impact)
Thoma skills (Image via Genshin Impact)

To understand the best artifacts, one must get hold of Thoma's unique playstyle in Genshin Impact. The elemental skill known as "Blazing Blessing" creates a shield for all the characters in the party. The strength of this shield scales with Thoma's max HP. Additionally, the elemental burst known as "Crimson Ooyoroi" creates another shield that will stack on top of the elemental skill.

While the burst is on, it will increase the shield's strength and apply pyro damage to the attack of any characters. Due to high-cost energy requirements for his skills, it is recommended to go for a shield and ER build on Thoma rather than attack.

Couple of new Thoma from the Genshin WeChat. Good luck tomorrow

The passive skill is called the "Imbricated Armor," which increases the shield strength for six seconds once it refreshes the elemental skill. Players can prioritize leveling up Thoma's elemental skills and bursts.

2) Artifacts

Thoma with Noblesse set in Trial version (Image via Genshin Impact)
Thoma with Noblesse set in Trial version (Image via Genshin Impact)

Like every supporting character in Genshin Impact, its true essence lies in either healing, buffing, or keeping its allies safe. Thoma can be built in a lot of ways. A 4-set Noblesse is an optimal choice for increasing the party member's attack. Since Thoma's usual attacks are not high, players will likely switch after using the burst skill.

Other good artifacts for Thoma in Genshin Impact are two-piece Emblem and the two-piece Mellelith for extra ER and HP.

3) Weapons

Thoma with Favonius Lance (Image via Genshin Impact)
Thoma with Favonius Lance (Image via Genshin Impact)

Thoma can work with any Genshin Impact weapon that has the Energy Recharge substat. Players need to keep in mind that they need Thoma's burst to be active at all times. Since it has an energy requirement of 80, the ER stat between 220-240% is recommended.

Weapons such as Favonius Lance or The Catch are optimal 4-star weapons for Thoma. While Favonius Lance can be acquired through gacha, it is still easier to get than the likes of Homa. Other 5-star weapons such as Skyward Spine and Staff of Homa are considered best seeing how one provides ER and the other with HP.

4) Best synergies

Possible synergies for Thoma (Image via Sportskeeda)
Possible synergies for Thoma (Image via Sportskeeda)

Hu Tao's risky playstyle goes well while protected by a shield. Being a pyro character, Thoma will also grant an extra 25% ATK to the party members. In addition, players won't have to worry about dodging attacks and consuming stamina, as most c0 Hu Tao can quickly drain theirs.

Other anemo characters in Genshin Impact with 4-set Viridescent are good choices for more significant damage output. Lastly, a c6 Xinqiu can apply bonus vaporize on enemies, which can stack with Thoma's pyro AOE and Hu Tao's raw fire damage.

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