Genshin Impact: Yelan's materials, ascension resources, talent books and primogems calculation

Yelan with her ascension and talent level-up materials (Image via Genshin Impact)
Yelan with her ascension and talent level-up materials (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 2.7 is still around the corner and players have already seen the game teasing Yelan's appearance with the latest quest cutscenes. Yelan is the latest 5-star character to appear on the feature banner for the first time. She is an upcoming Hydro-bow user with a lot of potential to become the next best Hydro support in the game.

All her Elemental skills and burst damage specialize in the role of Sub-DPS which is very similar to Xingiqu. Yelan fans should start farming ascension and talent materials early as all her required materials are available in the current version of the game.


Here is a quick guide for players to learn everything about Yelan's ascension materials, talent books, and how many primogems they will need to summon her in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Farming guide for Yelan's Ascension materials and Talent books

Yelan is from Liyue, so it makes sense that all the materials required to fully ascend her to level 90 are available in the region. Apart from her ascension material, the rest of the materials can be easily farmed from Liyue bosses and domains.

Genshin Impact players can take a look at this list to learn Yelan's ascension materials and talent books.

Ascension Material for Yelan




Varunada Lazurite Sliver


Varunada Lazurite Fragment


Varunada Lazurite Chunk


Varunada Lazurite Gem


Recruit's Insignia


Sergeant's Insignia


Lieutenant's Insignia


Runic Fang




Varunada Lazurite can be farmed by fighting the following bosses -

  • Hydro Hypostatis
  • Oceanid
  • Azdaha
  • Primo Geovishap

Yelan is the only character apart from Childe who needs Starconch for their ascension. These can be easily found near waterbodies, especially near beaches and shores.

Recruit/ Sergeant/ Lieutenant's Insignia can be farmed by defeating Fatui agents and skirmishers. Genshin Impact players can use the in-game Adventure Handbook to track the spawn locations of Fatui agents in the game.

Runic Fang is a boss drop item from the new boss known as Ruin Serpent who was added with the release of Chasm. Ruin Serpent can be found in the westward part of the Chasm: Underground Mines in the Serpents Cave. Keep in mind that players will need to complete the Chasm Delvers world questline to reach this location.

To level up Yelan's talents, they can refer to the list below.

Talent Level-up Materials for Yelan


Teachings of Prosperity


Guide to Prosperity


Philosophies of Prosperity


Recruit's Insignia


Sergeant's Insignia


Lieutenant's Insignia


Gilded Scale


Crown of Insight




The table above represents the total amount of material and talent books required to level up one talent of Yelan to level 10. Players can farm the talent books from Liyue's Taishan Mansion domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Primogem Calculation for summoning Yelan in Genshin Impact patch 2.7

Yelan Ascension - Cheat Sheet (StC)To access all cheat sheets, use our discord bot specifically made for that:

All of this pre-farming will go to waste if players do not save enough primogems to summon Yelan. The amount of Primogems that one needs to save varies on two factors - their luck and whether they have a guarantee on their 5-star summons.

For example, if a player is summoning Yelan from her banner but ends up getting Diluc, then they get a guarantee that if they pull for another 5-star, they will acquire Yelan.


According to the pity system of Genshin Impact, players need to make 90 wishes on the feature banners to summon a 5-star. Hence, they will need 14,400 primogems to summon a 5-star.

In case of guarantee, players will only need 14,400 primogems or less depending on the pity count. They can count their pity on the History page, which can be found on the Event wish page. However, for those who do not have such guarantee, they will need around 28,800 primogems to make sure they can summon a Yelan for their team.

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