Genshin Impact Yunjin leaks: Everything known about the upcoming character so far

Yunjin is one of the most anticipated characters for Genshin Impact 2.4 (Image via lumie_lumie)
Yunjin is one of the most anticipated characters for Genshin Impact 2.4 (Image via lumie_lumie)

The most important Genshin Impact leak regarding Yunjin is that she will be playable in version 2.4.

She's been leaked to be a 4-star Anemo Polearm user, although nothing about her kit has been conclusively leaked yet. She has appeared in-game through the Moonchase Festival cutscene, but it was nothing more than a cameo. Interestingly enough, six characters reference Yunjin via voice lines:

  1. Hu Tao
  2. Keqing
  3. Ningguang
  4. Xingqiu
  5. Xinyan
  6. Zhongli

Old leaks had Yunjin as a Geo user when her original model was datamined, but that's no longer the case.

What players know about Yunjin through Genshin Impact leaks

【2.4banner】已经确定有云堇啦!属性没看见 星级没看见另外一个卡池无消息也许也是复刻吧申鹤目前还没有消息。(2.3之后剧情会到璃月哦~)

A few prominent leakers have agreed with the above leak, suggesting that Yunjin will arrive in Genshin Impact 2.4. Apparently, Genshin Impact 2.4 will feature Liyue again, and it's worth noting that Yunjin comes from Liyue.

It doesn't specify which banner Yunjin will appear on, but one popular theory is that she will appear alongside a Xiao rerun. Several of the other leaks involving Yunjin either lack credibility or have been disproven.

For example, there was a popular, extremely low-quality GIF of Yunjin that circulated in various online communities. Apparently, the OP of that video said that they finished editing it and was thinking of a name for the leak.

Many fans dismissed it as fake, given its atrocious quality. The original OP's comment came from a Chinese website known as Ngabbs.

it’s finally time for us to shine, yunjin wanters, we’ve waited for so long

The above leak is the original render for Yunjin. The little ornament on her left (the viewer's right) supported the original idea that she was a Geo user. However, the new official image from the Moonchase Festival shows something else entirely.


It's hard to see Yunjin's Vision here due to the low quality, not to mention that she appears in the background of this cutscene. Still, she appears in the final version of the Moonchase Festival's cutscene with a minor yet noticeable change in her design.

Eerything that is officially known about Yunjin in Genshin Impact

A render of Yunjin (Image via Genshin Impact)
A render of Yunjin (Image via Genshin Impact)

Several Genshin Impact characters reference Yunjin, particularly those from Liyue. Both Xingqiu and Xinyan reference the mysterious opera singer in their Story sections.

In Xingqiu's case, it references him buying a drink from Yunjin at the Heyu Tea House, where she moonlights as a brewer. In Xinyan's Story, Yunjin is described as one of her fans.


The above YouTube video has most of the characters' voice lines about Yunjin, but a few characters are missing. For example, Hu Tao says the following in one of her Genshin Impact lines:

"Yun Jin always appears so graceful on formal occassions, but you'd be surprised how friendly she is in private! I made a bet with her once, and the loser had to sing lyrics of the winner's choice in their own singing style. My my, I wish you could have heard her operatic version of the Hilitune!"

Ningguang also states:

"Yun Jin... Are you able to appreciate her performances? It might be difficult at first, but I would encourage you to give it a chance. The reason why I decided to invest into her opera troupe is quite simple: Elegant art forms like these deserve to be passed down to future generations."
A fan render of Yunjin (Image via TiredCholca)
A fan render of Yunjin (Image via TiredCholca)

It's also worth noting that Yunjin is spelled as Yun Jin in Genshin Impact, but many fans refer to her as the former. Other than this information, a few NPCs in Genshin Impact speak about her success as an opera singer.

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