God of War Ragnarok ending explained - What is Atreus' fate after the events of the game?

What was Atreus
What was Atreus' fate in God of War Ragnarok? (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

Atreus went on a long journey of self-discovery throughout the events of God of War Ragnarok. He’s come a long way as a character across the series' past two games. Atreus has grown since being called “boy” in God of War 2018. The young god learned he wasn’t just Atreus. He was also Loki, one of the last Jotnar.

Atreus' actions affect many characters across God of War Ragnarok, but what happens in the end? Does he make it out alive during the triggering of Ragnarok?

Note: This article contains video spoilers and a discussion of God of War Ragnarok events, including the actual ending.

What happens to Atreus in the ending events of God of War Ragnarok?

During God of War Ragnarok, Atreus learns he’s not the only Jotnar left. He meets Angrboda, who, in Norse mythology, becomes his wife. This will likely be the case, considering the two walked off into the distance after parting ways with Kratos. When the two initially met, she taught him more about the Jotnar as they explored the hidden Ironwood.


Angrboda introduces Atreus to a monumental task, and one he foists onto her instead. The young girl has a collection of marbles, each with a Jotnar soul. The other giants are out there somewhere and can be reawakened by giving them back their souls.

Fast forward to the events of Ragnarok itself, and Atreus is in the thick of battle. He travels with Sindri through a portion of the battle, who is still furious with the young boy. He ended up bringing Tyr to Brok and Sindri’s house, which turned out to be Odin all along. This led to Brok’s second death.


Sindri, unable to cope with the permanent loss of his brother, blamed Atreus and did not have a single warm word for the son of Kratos. Instead, after Atreus traps Odin’s soul, Sindri merely smashes the soul gem that Atreus trapped Odin in and disappears.

It was a sad moment because the two were so close and friendly throughout the game, and it seemed like their relationship was damaged beyond repair. At the end of the game, that has not significantly changed.


WATCH: Thrud and Sif meet Atreus again

Once the battle had concluded, Atreus went on his journey down the mountain, giving his thanks and appreciation to characters like Thor’s daughter, Thrud. Sif also made amends with the son of Kratos, which was a touching sight. Atreus told them that, in Thor’s last moments, he turned away from Odin’s influence. The boy apologized, wishing he could have done more to help Thor see the truth.

But the most important part of his journey through the mountain was Freya. After all, Atreus killed her son, Baldr, thanks to the mistletoe. She remarked that Atreus had really grown into the bow he wielded. While she was sorrowful that her first family was slowly taken away, bit by bit, she’s chosen this new family, and she took comfort in that.


WATCH: Freya is proud of Atreus

Freya called him a formidable warrior, but he also had a good heart. He received the necklace back as well. Earlier in the game, she snatched it from his neck in anger since it represented the loss of her son.

He would also have a brief, meaningful chat with Mimir, who he thanked for everything. Mimir was a mentor to Atreus and was another father figure. He said his farewell to Mimir as well. Though brief, it was a heartwarming moment. Finally, he got to Angrboda.

She stood with Garm, which now had Fenrir’s soul in its body. He still couldn’t sneak up on Angrboda, either. Atreus thanked her for saving them, to which Angrboda said she felt she should write her own ending instead of leaving it to fate.


WATCH: Giant Visions

Angrboda guessed correctly that Atreus had not spoken to Kratos about the Giant Visions and what he had to do next. She knew what the boy had to do next in God of War Ragnarok. But it wasn’t simple for Atreus to do, knowing he had to say goodbye to his father.

Atreus knew deep down that he had to say farewell, but he didn’t know how. Angrboda makes it a little easier, bringing Kratos into the shot as well. The young Jotnar took the father and son to one final hidden Jotnar prophecy.

Faye hid this one before the events of God of War Ragnarok so that Atreus would not know his real fate. They wound up making their own path, writing their own story.


WATCH: Kratos and Atreus converse in God of War Ragnarok

Atreus made the tough decision to say goodbye and find his own path. The Jotnar ultimately embraced the task of finding and saving other giants, though he could not do so with his father’s help. He had to go alongside Angrboda and work to bring his people back.

It was a tearful goodbye, and the two shared a touching moment. Atreus made the hard choice to do what must be done and take responsibility for what comes next. Kratos admitted he was proud of his son and watched him wander off with Angrboda and Fenrir on whatever they did next.

While it isn’t clear what Atreus does next or where he goes, his path is clear. He must save the remaining Jotnar, whose souls he had in a pouch of marbles. They will probably travel to all the remaining realms to find and restore his people after God of War Ragnarok.


WATCH: Kratos watches as Atreus bids adieu

Would this write Atreus out of the game that comes after God of War Ragnarok? Unlikely, as he could be a guest character who shows up to help in a crisis. The way the game ended, it seemed like Kratos’ next partner would be Freya, alongside the head of Mimir.

Atreus is his own man now. He's learned from Kratos, Freya, and Mimir, and it's time for him to go on his adventure, and hopefully, fans will see it happen in a future God of War installment. Throughout God of War Ragnarok, the young boy did a great deal of growing up as he and his father broke the chains of destiny that bound them.

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